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  1. Police Scotland September intake

    wifi at land of leather...
  2. Police Scotland September intake

    The new system is actually the old system. Only two years ago did they change to the 'new system' whereby probationers were hitting the streets having passed no formal assessment. I think it's a good idea.
  3. NEWS:15 attacks on cops each day

    Steve House made this point a couple of years ago prior to the Strathcylde taser pilot....I wonder, now that he has the top job (and is hell bent on saving as much money as he can) if he will speak up this year (given the cost of the pilot), I doubt it!
  4. NEWS:Riot Police In Soho

    Or Glasgow
  5. No in Scotland they aren't!
  6. Should officers be armed with Tasers?

    Me? I didn't start anything!! right...where's my taser?! ..........oh wait!.......
  7. Should officers be armed with Tasers?

    I find it difficult to accept any "news story" as factual from the Daily Mail. If they are happy to use language such as "attacked with pepper spray" when referring to police tactical options. As other members have already suggested, had they used CS and he ignited himself it would still have been a death in police custody! What would you propose to do in such a situation? I'd prefer to have the option and believe I could justify it if required.
  8. Should officers be armed with Tasers?

    Incidents like this make me think we should!
  9. House announced as CC of Police Scotland

    Shame that doesn't happen then!
  10. Wages

    Where and when was this announced? I thought it was being extended
  11. Strathclyde Police chat thread

    Probably a bit late, but I would change your user name dude...
  12. House announced as CC of Police Scotland

    maybe we will all get tasers now!
  13. House announced as CC of Police Scotland

    He makes no secret of the use of KPI's and unfortunately that detracts CP cops from actually being able to involve themselves in the community. I feel sorry for the cops of the 7 other forces, as they will now, effectively become strathclyde ( in terms of working practices and systems)...a lot of learning over the next 5 years
  14. B Division

    sniff sniff.....fresh meat all B division subs get pumped and and as a result are notorious for personnel requests so its typically last minute before you are told exactly what group and office you will be!
  15. B Division

    probably a few days prior to finishing college!