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  1. Steve House made this point a couple of years ago prior to the Strathcylde taser pilot....I wonder, now that he has the top job (and is hell bent on saving as much money as he can) if he will speak up this year (given the cost of the pilot), I doubt it!
  2. Or Glasgow
  3. No in Scotland they aren't!
  4. 17 (1) (b) : where an offence has been committed... to take all such lawful measures... as may be necessary for the purpose of bringing the offender with all due speed to justice If someone were to breach your cordon, then you could argue they were obstructing you...
  5. Fire (scotland) act 2005 and S17 Police (scotland) act 1967...
  6. S9 no, S9A yes
  7. CGSA S53 is used frequently in the city centre in relation to street beggars! The rent (S) act is covered in college notes but its a tiny paragraphy...... S39 CJLSA 10 would be an interesting one to use!
  8. I would concur that it is well known, but not often used!
  9. Interesting topic....what division do you work? I get the RSA but the theft mv? all too common!
  10. I would suggest that, for the first day at least, you choose no make up at all! You will have your warrant card photograph taken and they are strict about the standard expected. I saw girls having to scrub their faces in the sink to remove all makeup. Similarly with guys, a hint of gel in the hair = head under the tap. You will most likely be greeted (and inspected) at the door on your way in!
  11. Parade shoes should have laces...they look for your trousers to be touching the second lace! When your room is inspected, you are allowed one shower product to be displayed but you will receive a detailed input on standards by the PTI's! I believe the college no longer supply towels so make sure you take some! You guys are about to have some fun enjoy!
  12. Here here! I'm sure everyone remembers this guy...
  13. They already have! Shambles: Murder probe police arrest Tia Sharp's step-grandad in park eight hours after her body is found in granny's home following week-long hunt that saw officers search their house THREE times
  14. can I put my hands down yet?
  15. I noticed this aswell, I found by loosening the belt quite a bit, it sat a bit lower but was a damn sight more comfortable!!! now if they could just fix the body armour...