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  1. Probie pre-reads

    Cheers for the advice guys, just little worried I may be swamped with info! And yes thanks for spotting the error frank
  2. Probie pre-reads

    due to start PC training in January 2011, can anyone suggest any pre-read books to help me begin to digest what I am going to learn in my first 26 weeks, thanks.
  3. Vetting

    Been a pcso for 6 years, just been accepted in to my force to start as a pc, will I be re vetted and will it be the same as my pcso vetting?
  4. pcso to special

    I have been a pcso for 6 years, I am leaving the role so I can be a special, vetting, is it the same as vetting for pcso,same checks etc. or is it a higher level
  5. MDP Recruitment

    Litters, whats the policy on tattoos on forearms? cheers
  6. thars great cheers for that
  7. can anyone tell me what the assesment centre passmark required for BTP is, i have just done one for avon and somerset, scored 56, needed 60 to progress my application unfortunatly
  8. 2010 assessments

    i rang them this morning and was told some people will hear in writing next week, i failed with 56%
  9. 2010 assessments

    Without sounding over dramatic, does anyone else think it's a bit strange we've had no response yet, yet all the chief constables are meeting the prime minister today to discuss budgets etc, then we have the emergency budget on tuesday for the whole country, I can't help but wonder if the funding for the latest recruitment drive may be pulled
  10. 2010 assessments

    i was told 21 days from the day of the last assessment, as some people have theres on the 10th June it seems we have a long wait
  11. I really dont understand this 'deselected' answer you people have been getting, they stated the lines would be open for 12hrs to send 1100 forms, knowing that all the forms would be sent out, take away a percentage of non-returned forms, plus those that fail the CBQ leaves the amount for A/C, my overall pass was a B, so what makes me pass and Naomi fail, seems wrong to me
  12. Thats bad news dave, they were only sending out 1100 forms so how could they have recieved more than expected, i would have a chat with them, doesnt seem fair mate
  13. A/C on the 25th fingers crossed for those of you still waiting
  14. Applicatons

    does anyone know what the half a day assesment involves, as it doesnt appear to be the full centrex day

    I may have missed it, but is the training residential? How long is the training?