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  1. Vetting

    What level of vetting do Police Officers need to achieve? Is it SC or lower, and does it vary by Police force???
  2. Let police take their children out of school

    With respect, you all seem to have missed the point: Instead of trying to establish which groups of workers children should be given leniency re School holidays, surely its this target of 96.5% annual attendance that should be scrapped (along with many similar targets across the public services). I am sick of target driven policies, which often seem to create inefficiencies and lose sight of the aim of providing a ‘public service’. There are far too many public servants (including Police Officers) filling in bits of paper recording target driven statistics, and too many managers devising scams and bending truths to achieve these often meaningless targets. I had a fire service manager who set a local target of 0% staff lateness. How would that even be achievable with staff commuting to work about 8,750 individual commutes a year with no latenesses???? Luckily, I was not under the same pressure that teaching staff are under to comply with the latest politically set target. When it comes to setting school kids absences, why the 96.5% target. Where the hell did that come from? When even kids from ‘reasonable’ homes have their parents arguing the toss with the Headmaster about absence policy, it doesn’t help the School maintain discipline or promote an effective school/parent partnership does it?
  3. The busy chippy in Beaumaris serves the best fish & chips I have ever tasted (but sadly have the rudest staff), so make sure you are within a 10min drive of that take away
  4. Police right to strike

    In the mid 1970s the fire service and later the ambulance service began 'choosing' which part of their job they would do as part of industrial action. This invariably meant that 999 calls were answered as usual, but paperwork and routine nonsense was not completed. The employers reluctantly accepted this weak form of IA as they could continue to carry out their sharp end function of saving lives. However in the 1980s, employers began to get tough and unless you worked 100% to your contract you would not be paid. The London Ambulance dispute in the mids 1980s (often misrepresented as a strike) was when crews refused to use new button box technology in their cabs. They did not refuse to attend 999 calls. So after their first shout, they would not book 'available' on their mobile data units so were suspended by LAS managers upon their return to base. Many ill and injured folk were put at needless pain, discomfort and danger as various Met vans were used to scoop and run victims to hospital. In 2013, this is what is most likely to happen if Police decided not to Police football matches as part of an industrial relations dispute. The staff involved would not be paid for the day and would be effectively locked out. Anyway, what are the chances of any Govt - let alone a Tory led coalition accepting that Police can take action? About nil I reckon
  5. Pay drop

    I take your point about Uni fees and the burden they represent, but suggesting £19K is a 'very' good salary is perhaps pushing your agrument too far. £19k is a terrible salary regardless of what your job is, and to offer this insulting salary to a Police sprog, which in effect, penalises them for not being a special or PCSO in the past and is ridiculous. Surely there's a danger that lots of potentially good Police officers will go elsewhere because of this move Frankly, I do not see that attending a University gives you an awful lot more skills in life, other than an ability to study and take on information, and drink lots of alcohol (Although to be fair, it's true that the latter skill could be useful in a Police environment).
  6. A £4,000 pay cut?? That's a bit strong just for calling an MP a pleb
  7. I read that the London Fire Brigade are to terminate their contract with AssetCo - a PFI fire engine and equipment provider - (who have somewhat over reached themselves to a point of almost bankrupcy) and are to appoint Babcocks to maintain the fleet of vehicles as an interim measure. I understand that the Met's fleet is maintained by the same company, so how have they performed? Have they been to the job? Or like AssetCo, who suffered failing KPIs and resulted to scavenging spare parts from the reserve fleet of appliances as their cash flow is so poor they can't afford to buy spares from vehicle manufactuers?
  8. Vetting

    What level of vetting does the average Police Office get? I assume with the 5 to 10 week completion times it's SC??
  9. This morning, I saw the search teams with the mirrors check a plain grey Landrover Discovery which pulled through the main gates with hidden blue strobes flahing - SEG?
  10. Is there a lot of demand for tis role as it seems to invlove a lot of posing with tourists and blowing a whistle agressivey to get them out of the way when an MP is trying to leave/arrive
  11. I am back and ready for the flack! :)

    No Scousejon - You have got it all wrong. Fires don't reignite once the fire service have gone away. Instead, the public (and some PCs) get confused and call them back to steam issuing from the hot debris. Well, at leats that is what goes on any report!!! I have heard radio messages stating "Alarm cuased by steam issuing from previous fire" - only to hear the appliance engine screaming away in the background indicating either that they are doing 100MPH or more likely have the pump in gear & are pumping gallons of water onto the 'steam' :whistle2:
  12. I am a retired fire officer and used to post here frequently when I was in the job. I have been off the site for a while as I retired and needed to find another career. But I received an e-mail last night from this site about the pensions e-petition so have signed & decided to look in. I did get some (captain) flack before, but in the main my posts were well received as I hope you lot could see they were balanced and fair. I regret that in my old life (London) the LFB and the Met seem to have a degree of tension between them. I never played this game, partly as I had considered a Police career before I went down the Trumpton line, and always felt we were on the same side. I am a bit rusty on current changes in the UK fire service, but hope I can contribute as before and give a fire service angle to threads from time to time