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  1. Derbyshire PC Recruitment 2013

    I've not heard anything yet either.
  2. Derbyshire PC Recruitment 2013

    I haven't. Gutted, thought we would hear by the end of last week! Oh well can't be too long now. I hate this waiting game.
  3. Derbyshire PC Recruitment 2013

    Last year Derbyshire said the national average for failing at paper sift was about 70-75% so if we say 70% and 800 applied that would mean 240 get to interview IF they interview all. No doubt they will take the highest scoring ones but how many is anyone's guess.
  4. Register An Interest Joining Met Regulars

    I may be wrong but this says to me they didn't get enough people registering their interest before 4th July and have extended it. It wouldn't surprise me as the CKP does change things a lot, especially for external applicants.
  5. Derbyshire PC Recruitment 2013

    Hi Guys, I copied the recruitment timetable on to a word document, although this site won't let me upload that document below is some of the information it gives and the dates of interest. Hope it is of some use to some one..... All forms received in time will be marked. We will then select the top-performing candidates to go forward to the next stage of the process, which will be an interview here in Derbyshire with our senior managers. The interview will focus on your knowledge of, and commitment to, joining Derbyshire Constabulary and what you can bring to the force in terms of prior experience and skills. Candidates who pass the in-force interview will be invited to attend the national assessment centre, which will be a half-day process held in Coventry. Closing date for application forms: Friday June 21 at 4pm Interviews: Tuesday August 27 to Monday September 9 Assessment Centre: Candidates will be required to attend on one day during the week beginning Monday September 30 Candidates must be available to complete the above stages during the dates shown. If you are not available for any stage of the process for any reason, e.g. pre-arranged holiday, we will not be able to process your application as alternative dates will not be available.
  6. Derbyshire PC Recruitment May 2013

    Follow the link below to continue with this thread. http://www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk/index.php?/topic/51449-derbyshire-pc-recruitment-2013/
  7. Met Summer Recruitment and CKP requirement

    That is correct. Plus I believe they have taken away the travel privileges and its a new lower salary. (please feel free to correct me) which all in all makes it very difficult for anyone just starting out. I am in the process of completing my CKP but am having doubts about applying to the Met now as I don't think I will be able to afford to live there. Gutted!
  8. Derbyshire PC Recruitment 2013

    Hi wanderlust, Hope you are well. I posted mine today, special delivery of course just to be sure it was there before 1pm tomorrow. Still can't believe it took so long to complete!! Well now the wait begins. I think its August before we here anything isn't it? Such a long time, I hate how long it all takes, feels like forever. At least its another part of the process over with no matter what the outcome. Fingers crossed for everyone!
  9. Derbyshire PC Recruitment May 2013

    I've got my form too, not looking forward to the time its going to take!! I've read on another forum that there were 850 forms given out! Also been told that nationally the average % of people failing the application form stage is 75% will let you do the maths! Good luck everyone
  10. GMP recruitment

    Sorry, only just seen your reply. I'm not sure if I will apply this year, applied last year, passed everything but didn't score high enough :-( This year it will be even harder! and I really don't fancy putting myself through that again. I am tempted to apply to the Met later this year. They are after 3-5000 cops over the next three years so here will be a bit more of a chance plus, as a bonus i've always wanted to live in London. How about you? Are you thinking of applying anywhere?
  11. Derbyshire PC Recruitment May 2013

    I got through too, :-) although I wasn't overly impressed with a couple of my scores! Still it gives me something to work on. I've not had any info about a picking up a form yet though. Sorry to hear you didn't get through too bobbywant2be, hope you don't feel too bad :-( At least you can still apply to other forces when they come up and won't have to wait six months!! Good luck anyway with your future applications.
  12. Derbyshire PC Recruitment May 2013

    Yep, I too found it quite dificult. The questions were all pretty subjective so who knows, i'm sure we will find out soon enough. Everyone keep us posted when you find out more.
  13. Derbyshire PC Recruitment May 2013

    I haven't done the admin errors one or the verbal/numerical one, how strange, perhaps they are testing people in blocks at different times depending on when you applied. If so you must be ahead of me. Still a bit weird though.
  14. GMP recruitment

    Hi, yes I was a Special for a few years but have been a PCSO for a while now. From what I have heard (obviously you can never say never) but external recruitment isnt on the cards for at least a couple of years, Sorry