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  1. Question about application process

    Okie Doke. Thanks ever so much for your help.
  2. Question about application process

    Just requested one from Equifax, no CCJ's are currently resided against my Credit Report and you are right, they are removed if payment is received within a month of the courts issuing you with a fine, which I did do. So I'm assuming that I wouldn't have to include it in the financial issues section, but it's probably still a good idea to mention it in the relevant part of the paperwork?
  3. Question about application process

    Thanks gloryhornet. It was in March last year that I had to pay the court fees, I don't think I kept the paperwork. I'm sure it was at Greenwich Magistrates where it was being held though. I didn't actually attend, I just sent it all via post.
  4. Question about application process

    Thanks for the heads up, I suppose common sense prevails in that I shouldn't really be pleading that I was not guilty even though a court of law deemed it so. But yes it was for non payment of fine, basically the debt collection agency ignored my letters and sent it to court. I got off at a station that fell just outside zone 3 (which I didn't know at the time) and my annual season ticket covers just zones 1-3, it was just an easy mistake to make I thought and decided to dispute rather than pay the initial £20. Anyways, hindsight is a great thing! When you say it is a civil offence, does that make a difference. Assuming all offences go to court anyways, doesn't that just put me in the same boat that I have nevertheless committed an offence?
  5. Hi All, I have received my assessment date for becoming a Special, and I am currently in the process of completing the application forms. The only problem is, I have a skeleton in my closet and an ongoing dispute with Souteastern trains led to a court case and me being fined £150.00. The dispute is too long to go in to here, but I clearly knew I was in the right through the whole process. But obviously as it went to court and I lost, does that now mean I will not be able to go ahead with the application? I understand that everybody needs a squeaky clean record when it comes to applying. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, Just thought I'd let you all know, that I've just had my inital application for a Special Constable, pass the first inital sifting process, and been asked to attend the Assessment Centre on a date in the (hopefully!) not too distant future! I'm so excited!
  7. Special Constable Hours?

    Hi all, I was wondering about the hours that Special Constables were required to work, bearing in mind a lot (like myself) will already be in full time employment, and would they take that into consideration in regards to the hours you will be required to work? Or is it more of a case of, your committed to the force, therefore you should work any extra hours that are required of you, regardless if it inteferes with your other work. I'm asking because I feel I may have to speak with my current employer and let them know the ins and outs, and at least they'll have an explanation as to why I'm almost falling asleep at my desk some mornings! Thanks,
  8. Hi everyone!, Just thought I'd introduce myself to the forum. I've just applied to become a Special, literally a few hours ago. I decided to make the decision and just do it! I've always wanted to be in the police force, and have always told myself that, but I never got round to doing so! It's such a shame that the New Constable positions have had a freeze in recruiting because obviously I would love to get paid for doing the job too! But I feel this is still something that would show me the ins and outs of the Police, and get a feel of whether I like it or not. And with the help of everyone on this forum, I'm sure you can give a good insight too! Thanks.
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