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  1. Are they recruiting any time soon do u no?
  2. The main thing I have been hearing is the PCSO's will be given the power to detain and equipment will be provided to that and protect themselves. In my eyes that sounds like the full PPE equipment that PC, carry.
  3. I don't think that's an option for A&S. not saying I disagree but it's quite the opposite.
  4. Currently chief constable Nick Gargen is reviewing the powers and equipment issues to PCSO's in Avon and Somerset Police and his verdict is expected any day now. Thoughts to people in and out if A&S
  5. Now there is council PCSO's with new uniform and rebadged as council PCSO's. honestly it doesn't look good at all.
  6. It won't get any better and you no this. Pretending it will wont help either but may just get u through the next few months. Life's to short to feel the way you do all the time. Change your job and if it works out then happy days, if not, well at least you can say you tried.
  7. Milk & cookies - welcome
  8. Me... Never offended. Hero
  9. I thought we was discussing PCSO's and the powers. Back to topic girls. Handbags away
  10. Personally I think PCSO's just walking around being a deterrent prevents more crime than some people may think. If they wasn't around. Who would deal with asb, letter drops, h2h, shall I ho on. It would be pc's dealing with all that and they would be the first ones to complain.
  11. I agree PCSO's could be better used but not as a statement bxxch. Sorry but that's just my opinion. They would be used and abused by lazy pc's and if they did take statements/put in crimes they would be stuck in the station as much as pcs are. Might as well give them all the powers if that's going to happen
  12. Have a sleep and a nap too Welcome
  13. There's never going to be an end to this matter. Pc's do no want pcso,s having extra power because they are feeling like pcso,s are stealing their thunder/mojo name it what u like. And pcso,s want the extra power to feel better used and help out when possible and deal with situations other than running away. Lets just see what's decided and work with whatever happens....
  14. Nicely said. Completely agree. But I also believe PCSO's should be given the power and equipment to defend themselves. I know it's not a confrontational role but lets be realistic. If there on the beat 80% of the time there going to come into contact with people they need to speak to/ deal with and these people are not always nice people. Simple as that. People who say differently are delusional. There is only so much your mouth can talk you out off.
  15. No they don't have detention powers at the moment