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  1. CNC - Culham 2nd September 2013

    That sounds good mate. PM me your number. Cheers - Chris
  2. CNC - Culham 2nd September 2013

    Yea. Just finished being a pcso for a&s police which I think we help me out a little at the beginning if training but I know there is so much more to learn now. Looking forward to meeting you and hearing your wacky stories. At least you get to go through the fun again and meet some even better people lol ( me. ) ha
  3. CNC - Culham 2nd September 2013

    Yea same. So you got injured at PST on your 1stxweek of firearms? That must have been a massive kick in the goolies. Especially as you got so far in the course. To have to come back again must hurt but like you say, you already know what to expect now Etc. can I ask what was the first part like before you got injured? Heads up would be good. Cheers mate
  4. CNC - Culham 2nd September 2013

    Hi guys. V - why don't you put yourself down on the CNC list as being open to move anywhere. I know your not but your willing to go to quite a few places so by doing this, it mite open up an opportunity on the next courses for you. Hopefully you get your first choice tho, Billious - my family isn't to far away from you. Warrington. Can I ask why you are moving from St. Helens to Scotland? Is that your closest base? So do you reckon you will only have to do parts of the course seeing you have done some if it? How far did you get and what's PST stand for. Looking forward to hearing it all when we meet bud. See you on the 1st
  5. CNC - Culham 2nd September 2013

    Yea same mate. What base are you planing to be at once training school is completed?
  6. CNC - Culham 2nd September 2013

    Bristol me. But my family live in Cornwall so if I go home at weekends it will be a long trip bk to Cornwall.
  7. CNC - Culham 2nd September 2013

    it's the Oxford hotel. Well that's what it says on my joining instructions anyway. You?
  8. CNC - Culham 2nd September 2013

    Yup mate. Me also. Heading to Sizewell I am, and I got my joining instruction and contract through last friday in the post. I sent my contract bk today all signed up. Buzzin!! :)
  9. CNC Sizewell?

    Same. Any officers from Sizewel able to say whether or not its better to be there or at Dungeness? Thoughts please. Any info would really help in the decision making
  10. CNC training course fitness requirements

    Grim reaper. Did you say your fitness and firearms was June or July. If it was June I take it you've been on it?
  11. CNC NPIA Assessment centre April!

    That's the premier inn I'm going to for the July fitness + firearms. Tgi Fridays drew me in. Humm £30 also this time around but did book a month in advance
  12. cnc pay drop?

    I'm not sure if you have to complete the medical before possibly being offered a place on the next training course. If anyone who is in the job or recently done the process knows a heads up would be good
  13. CNC NPIA Assessment centre April!

    Yea in doing the same driving down the night before and im staying st the premire inn. all booked. I was going to risk it and drive that morning but its just not worth risking it. See u there
  14. cnc pay drop?

    Cheers for all the info. Just hope I get across the line now after so long in the process
  15. CNC NPIA Assessment centre April!

    You will be on the same assesmemt course as me then. :) will you be driving up the night before or do you live close enough?