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  1. Gamers

    Any gammers in the community? If so what you currently playing?
  2. Pets and the shifts

    Adam please delete if this is a repost. Hi Folks, I've been in the job a couple of years now and have a question.. Any of the single people have pets and how do they manage with the shfits? I've been wanting a German Shepherd for a long time and wondered how people who lived on their own managed?
  3. Shift work and sleep

    best of luck! catch them zzzzzz''s
  4. Shift work and sleep

    I've worked 12 hour shifts for years and really struggled with sleeping until I found the formula that worked for me. First of all get your room as dark as possible, day light may stop you getting a deep sleep! I found finish work and home, get a hot shower and then a hot drink! Then off to bed by about 7:45! U can get sleepy tea which is supposed to aid sleep and doesn't make u feel wrecked like sleeping tablets do even the herbal nytol will make u feel groggy later on! I would sleep till about 3 ish then get up and have my dinner, on shifts eat food in reverse so u don't mess your body up so big dinner when u would normally have it. That should stop u being starving during the night! After the last night shift home and sleep for a couple of hours I used to try and get up at 12. Then maybe hit the gym, first day off nights is always a write off! don't get to much sleep so u can get a full nights sleep that night to get ure sleeping patterns back to normal even if u need a little lie in the next day. Any one else want to comment on this feel free, I'd love to hear your thoughts Cheers
  5. What computer to buy?

    If u want to spend that kind of money I would go I7 processor 1 tb hard disk If u are going to be doing gaming or playing blue rays u want a good graphics cards one with 3 gb memory would be awesome!! I'm an it consultant and I would stay away from Fujitsu! Some dells are ok the xps laptop is good Have a look at hp - 3 year warranty with most desktops Have a look at Alienware if u want a beast of a pc but they are expensive but you get really good support and warranty Have a look at pcs in ure price range then google reviews! If u go for i7 good hard disk it will last you a while and the model is pretty much down to your personal taste! Pretty much anything in pc world is slightly over priced in my personal opinion, sorry if that offends anyone but one good thing about them is u can look up voucher codes which could get you a good deal! If u can hold off to October when win 8 comes out older models of pcs will be cheaper! More than likely get a good deal or at least save the £40 upgrade fee from windows 7 to 8
  6. Advice for a new recruit.....

    Folks Allot of good info here for us newbies! sorry if this is a stupid question but is there a thread on this forum or a link where I could get a copy of the scottish definitions? cheers.
  7. Tulliallan July 2012

    Hi folks Not long to go now! Anyone want to share what prep they are doing prior to starting? Congrats to everyone for getting through
  8. Tulliallan July 2012

    I'm in the same boat as you lew_e... bring it on! can't wait to get started.