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  1. **WANTED** (BTP)

    Say what you like, but I rather like the old BTP PCSO's ID wallets, with the blue badge inside. Seeing as they no longer issue them and I dislike the lack of shiny stuff in mine, I was rather hoping someone was willing to part with one...? Would be willing to pay a small fee for a good/reasonable condition wallet.
  2. Rail Pass - BTP PCSO

    Hey Gilly! Cheers, helps a lot. I know we get expenses back, but I can't afford to fork out £60 a day for tickets XD Any idea how the warrants work (i.e. can we get any train with it)?
  3. Hi guys!! Could anyone who has recently trained with the BTP tell me when you got your rail pass and ID card? I start training at Spring House on Monday, and was wondering how many days I should buy train tickets for (I've only got one form Monday so far). Thanks in advance!! :biggrin:
  4. About to start as BTP PCSO

    Not yet, said they were re-organizing the underground so I wouldn't know until closer to the time.... but I'm definitely going to be running around in tunnels =P
  5. BTP PCSO assessment day

    What are you jealous of? You get to go out and do the job now; I'm jealous of you! xD And wait up... exam?? No one told me about an exam!! o.O lol
  6. About to start as BTP PCSO

    Somewhere on the Underground
  7. BTP PCSO assessment day

    Ahhh tell me about it, 2 weeks today is still too long to wait!
  8. BTP PCSO assessment day

    Lol cool. Wore mine to work today to try them out... first time EVER I've come home without sore feet - I love these things!!!
  9. About to start as BTP PCSO

    Ahhh I'll be fine then xD See you soon, hopefully!! Where are you posted?
  10. BTP PCSO assessment day

    Blimey, keeping you in the dark aren't they o.O Yeah, I got some Bates Tactical Sport 8" boots, comfy as hell!
  11. BTP PCSO assessment day

    Hey Adam, have you found out your posting yet?
  12. About to start as BTP PCSO

    Hmmmm, better get out for a run or 20 then xD How much of an improvement...? I assume anything above what you originally got will be okay?
  13. BTP PCSO assessment day

    Good ta, you? Cool, hope you get it soon! What's the difference between weighting and allowance? =S
  14. BTP PCSO assessment day

    Hey Adam, have you heard anything today? Contract arrived today... so much to read!! But still, getting excited now...
  15. BTP PCSO assessment day

    Yeah, basically confirming I have a position, the pay and location, and that my contract was posted today, I assumed it was sent out to every one, maybe not then =/ Ahh where are you stationed now? I assume you're a special then?