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  1. I am sure I read somewhere that if you go up on Sunday night it's just casual dress
  2. Got my letter for J division today, bulling the parade shoes just now trying to get a head start
  3. Itsmoran I am Fife Constabulary legacy and passed my final panel interview in December 2012 so I have been waiting a long time. The training sergeant told me that intake numbers are extremely low for Fife and it will mostly be like that going forward. A few intakes ago there was only 1 person from Fife and there have been some intakes with nobody from Fife on them
  4. Nice one, was talking to the training sergeant for Fife on Friday and he said there was only three of us on the April intake for Fife
  5. Anyone else from Fife area on the April intake?
  6. Tulliallan - March Start?

    Yes had my final fitness, medical and uniform fitting at the end of November so ready to go
  7. Tulliallan - March Start?

    I got a phone call yesterday asking if I would consider moving to Forth Valley and would start on 10th March. Had to decline as the travelling would be too much, but did find out I am top of the Fife pool and the next intake after March is 14th April. Fingers crossed Fife are included in the next intake.
  8. Tulliallan - March Start?

    My boss has even got my replacement started, I am floating around my work doing odd jobs now. Surely there must be a fife intake soon, the last I heard of people from fife getting started was December.
  9. Tulliallan - March Start?

    Going to assume then no intake for Fife again this month. Did they say anything about numbers for a Fife intake? I passed my FPI on 20th December 2012, had my uniform fitting last November and I am still waiting. The wait is depressing me as it seems like your whole life goes on hold as can't even book a holiday this year until I know what's happening!!!
  10. Tulliallan - March Start?

    Has anyone in the Fife pool been contacted yet??
  11. Tulliallan - March Start?

    Hi Lou I asked in December where I was in the fife pool and was told I was fourth, but I am assuming some of the fife pool started at tulliallan yesterday. If my assumption is correct then I must be close to being at the top of the pool. Still don't understand why they wanted to top up the pool then not take anyone in on the February intake? Well fingers crossed for a March intake but looks like I will need to do final fitness again. Another nerve wracking test before entry!!!!!!
  12. Tulliallan - March Start?

    Hi kadam did they give you a reason for asking you to transfer to the fife pool? I have been in the fife pool since December 2012 having passed my final interview then. Passed my medical and final fitness and had my uniform fitting in November 2013 and still waiting for a place. I got told nobody from fife pool was going in February intake and no confirmation if anyone will go in March, so was confused to see some people being asked to transfer to fife pool???
  13. Hi I am waiting on a start date for police Scotland having passed all stages and have received an email asking for employment references. One of which has to be my current employer and the other is my previous employer. I have been with my current employer for nearly 11 years, doing various roles. As I have been there so long I no longer know anyone at my previous job as all the staff I worked with have came and went over the years. Has anyone else had this situation and if so how did you get around it?