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  1. Public Access Officer

    Anybody get an email from recruitment today regarding the new role of Public Access Officer?! Anybody going to pursue it? Timeline: Early 2009: passed PCM day 1 & 2, waiting for start date ......still waiting..... Late 2010: binned! No more external pc recruitment, allegedly 2011: offered met special course, 2012: leave specials, offered pcso job..... 2012: successful in pcso....told to wait for start date.....3 months later.....binned again.....no further external recruitment Anybody else got similar story....still pursuing police job or moved on?! I'm in 2 minds... Forgot to add to timeline...2013: random email from recruitment offering new role of Public Access Officer!:) Forgot to add time timeline:2013: random email from recruitment offering role of Public Access Officer!!!!:)
  2. Have been offered the September 24th intake however was only offered it this week and I have a holiday booked for Oct..anyone else in this situation? I asked about further courses and was informed there are no plans for any other courses this year unless you want to be a Tpcso over at Heathrow in which case there is a course in Nov, however Heathrow is too far to travel to for myself. Does anyone know if my application/offer will be terminated if I cant make the Sept date??
  3. Waiting for Specials PLC date...

    i thought we were assured back in march(?) when they announced the pc recruitment that our day 1 pass would be taken into account at any point in the future (as a sort of acknowledgment of the fiasco/personal hardship caused) should they ever recruit again? im sure i read that when they help the q&a session on aware. anybody else under this impression or heard otherwise?
  4. Waiting for Specials PLC date...

    Haven't been into my station for a couple of weeks so I haven't checked my emails. I transferred over to the specials after the 2009 pc recuitment fiasco having passed day 1 & 2. I'm still working on gaining IPS. Will I be offered a start date (finally!) or is this just for IPS specials regardless if they passed the day 1 & 2 several years ago? anyone else in my position?
  5. Pay date

    Can someone confirm please what date of the month pay day is. Im an MSC (first month) & waiting on some expenses to go through. Cheers
  6. Any updates? Regs only.

    so what about if you signed up to be a special after being ditched last year, bearing in mind i've already passed both day 1 & day 2 but not yet got to IPS?
  7. I've got my DDO interview this week as was wondering if you could shed some light on yr experience as my confirmation email doesn't really explain anything about the day. Is it a group assessment? Any exams? Role plays? Fitness Test? How long did it last and how long did it take to hear back..that sort of thing. Any information would be greatly received. Cheers pal