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  1. PDR - Appraisal etc

    You still have to complete this appraisal thing even if you are on the top pay scale - and evidence everything. They have mentioned that if you are on top pay, they can reduce your pay if you don't hit the targets. The fed however have said they can not do this. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  2. Accompanying violent offenders to hospital

    Yes, usually they would travel in the ambulance - either one or two officers Yes, the arrested person will have to have a police 'guard' whilst they are in hospital, until they are discharged. Our guidelines are at least 2 officers per person. Usually it is the responsibility of the division where the incident/arrest took place to guard them - although divisions can negotiate. Victims are a different matter, there will be no need to stay with them, but they may elect to do so in order to get a first account, seize clothing, see what the injuries are, safeguard them.
  3. PDR - Appraisal etc

    Anyone else had this input yet? Working on response - what on earth can i set as objectives which meets the force policing plan? I assume that everyone's policing plan is pretty much the same "give victims a better deal" etc And has anyone else on the top pay scale been told that they can reduce your pay if your fail to hit the targets - This is wrong as they can not deduct from salary.
  4. Red Light - Ambulance Behind

    I was using sink holes as an example. My point being is that if you can justify your actions, you'll be fine. Here's another - you are waiting at a red light which you know from experience stays red for ages. You see ahead of you a school on fire, quickly coming behind you is two fire engines, 2 ambulances and police cars. The road is narrow, so you can not move left or right to let them past. Will you be happy to wait until the light turns green and hold them up, or do you think common sense would allow you to move through the red light to let them past? And which court in this land would prosecute you if you did go through them? The law has to be applied fairly and the RTA is no exception. An old lady collapses in front of you whilst you are driving. Do you stop and help despite leaving your car on double yellows? Or would you drive around and around looking for a parking space?
  5. Red Light - Ambulance Behind

    Who said anything about bullying? You position yourself in the road so the other road users can see you - wait for a gap to appear in the traffic and use it. If it means the the public have crossed through a red light i would suggest they have a justified reason to do so.
  6. Red Light - Ambulance Behind

    Doesn't say if he appealed it and if he was successful, although a similar event later in the article shows an appeal was successful If you have justification for moving through the red light, you will have no problem. Another example would be a sink hole opening up in the road behind you. Would you be justified to move across the line and save the lives of you car's occupants - or would you sit there and say "well, there's nothing i can do as the lights are on red" I would suggest if you can justify your actions, you will be fine. It seems as though the article depicts an automatic camera which has photo'd the offence - it would not know the circumstances and has just dished out the fine - an appeal by him would surly be successful. I have driven on blues for the past 15 years and often have situations where i have no way through a junction unless someones goes through the red light (if the lights are on red on one carriage way, its normally the case that the other carriage way has a stream of oncoming traffic coming at you). Never heard of anyone in our area being prosecuted and i have never been asked to 'defend' a drivers actions in such cases
  7. Red Light - Ambulance Behind

    This is a common urban myth. You can move through a red light if safe to do so if there is an emergency service vehicle (on blues) behind you. It might be a life and death emergency and you will be justified in doing so. You obviously can't just put your foot down and speed through them, but by crossing into the junction slightly to let them past is fine.
  8. Query

    I think this was a DV arrest - only for a breach of the peace and no substantive offence, but there is a potential for further harm, hence why the arrest. It was one of those occasions where there was no one else free - no traffic, dogs, arv - everyone else was either dealing with an emergency or not able to divert (sudden death, scene guard). I was just curious to know if the officer could have refused the request of his supervisor to de-arrest. If he felt that there were serious issues of further problems/offences if they just let him go.
  9. Query

    This came from a night shift where we basically ran out of units to answer the incoming '999' calls One unit was on route to custody with an arrest and were told to: stop, de-arrest, leave them at the road side and go to the next job Just wondered if we could turn around and say 'no' because of x,y,z - and if anything happens to the de-arrested person at the road side, (death in custody ect) who takes the blame?
  10. Query

    Now i know that a supervisor (or anyone else) cannot tell you to arrest someone. But, once someone is under arrest - can a supervisor tell you to de-arrest them?
  11. What on earth.......

    There must be a site which debunks the freeman types so i can send him some quotes
  12. What on earth.......

    What is this guy talking about...... ""You work for the Metropolitan Police Service that is a registered company and listed on Dunn & Bradstreet, basically you are just another private security firm in it for profits. All police take an oath to uphold the law of land, is this correct? Are you aware that everyday by enforcing statutes you're upholding commercial law which is the law of the waters and NOT enforceable on dry land? Are you aware that by doing so the police force are being grossly negligent and this in itself is punishable by jail? No alarm harassment or distress caused then quite frankly it's non of your concern thank you, I don't require or wish for your services.""
  13. I can't see how crime is going down, since we are now criming everything. In fact our crime figures for this year alone show a marked rise and i suspect this will be the same for other forces. Is it me? She mentions about 'since coming to power in 2010' everything has gone wonderfully well despite the cuts, but the cuts never really came in until 2013/14 (after they got the Olympics out of the way) and 2015 crime survey figures will reflect the previous 12 months. And as i said before, crime is on the up. I did like the 'cry wolf' question at the end by Murthy
  14. Petrol theft? It's not a crime

    Yes We had something similar passed around. It went along the lines of..."If the driver enters into the shop, he/she has to be asked by the sales assistant 'have you taken any fuel?' - if not its a civil debt as they should have been asked" I personally think its b$&&$£&s and will carry on criming make-offs like i have before. I can't see the difference between this and say a sales assistant having to challenge anyone coming into a grocery shop to see if they have bought anything before they leave
  15. Eye Tests

    Ours are saying you have to go to an optician - which will be £10-12