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  1. Transferring to Surrey

    How have you guy that have recently transferred gotten on?
  2. Show us your sex face!

    Rubbish idea, dirtbag
  3. Shifts TVP

    No you are paid salary, that won't change. We'll still work an average 40hours a week they'll just spread it about differently. We currently do a 6 on 4 off and it's good and works well. The new ones look rubbish but it means you have less rest days whilst still doing same average hours a week. So more people out at any one time but also more expense for us and less free time! Especially for those with partners and children it is horrendous. You'll never see them
  4. Shifts TVP

    General morale was low enough. Now the new shift patterns seem to be a kick in the nether regions! It boils down to wanting more officers out at any one time so that means cutting down on rest days They are horrendous and I don't really want to vote on any of them
  5. Shifts TVP

    I know the lad that wrote that and he's ex grenadier guards so going from being immaculate to seeing the state of people at Sully was disgusting. I don't think that drill is necessary but the chiefs response was because she had had a bad experience that it is not a good idea. On the whole though I think they are right, the Police is supposed to be a disciplined service and it isn't
  6. Shifts TVP

    I personally like 6 on 4 off. You always know where you are with it and when you're off As for other officers being wary of ex mil I completely disagree, I am ex mil and quite a few that started with or near to me and I have never been treated any differently, we also have an ex Sgt Maj and he is treated no differently than any other new guy
  7. Arming Police

    As a response officer in a busy town just outside of the Met border, I would say that I would not trust more than a handful of the people on my shift with tasers. They would be used just because they are there. I'm not claiming to be a seasoned vet, as i'm only just out of probation, but I have dealt with a fair few violent people and have never thought "if I had one, i'd have tasered them". I've never even felt the need to captor anyone
  8. Shifts TVP

    No idea, it'll go to consultation in next few months I think
  9. Shifts TVP

    6 on 4 off 2 earlies, 2 lates, 2 nights Shifts are being looked at though and they want to go to a force wide shift pattern
  10. First aid pouch

    Yes they do give you a little pouch to keep a face mask and a few pairs of gloves but that's about all they can fit. You do 3 days first aid training I think it was and then refreshers every few years
  11. What's Slough like to work in?

    Why don't you ring and arrange a shift as an observer I'll PM you what Slough is like
  12. What's Slough like to work in?

    Are you already in the process or wanting to apply? If the former have you already put it as a choice?
  13. Driving

    As said before you won't be able to get a response course in TVP, but then theres not enough cars for us more often than not, so you wouldn't stand a chance of getting a marked car
  14. Settle a debate for me

    We have been getting NIP's through for speed cameras recently, 44 in a 30 was my last one. It has got to the point where I now slow down to the posted speed limit so as to avoid having to justify going slightly over the limit as they have supposedly taught and expect me to do. Which to following traffic, I would suggest, looks quite bad. But why should I have to waste my time filling in a justification form, finding the job that I was en route to and photocopies of my DL. I've got enough to do thanks
  15. New Police Uniform

    People keep saying that it looks scruffy compared to the white shirt and tie but they fail to mention the vast majority wearing shirt and tie, either don't iron or do a poor job which personally I think looks far worse. We all know that nothing ever gets said about this. Being ex forces I was disgusted that we didn't once have an inspection in training nor was anything ever said to people that clearly had never even seen an iron before At least now you can't tell they haven't been ironed. Same for trousers Now just to get people to start polishing boots!!