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  1. Too Keen?

    Or it may be that some of your colleagues are concerned that management may ask,"If Luke is this proactive, why aren't you?" Good luck with your application.
  2. This has all come about because of SDSR15, you can download it if you wish. Not much info other than one small paragraph stating a possible need to bring the different elements of infrastructure protection under one roof. Phase one has been completed, phase two is under way and will report to Parliament in the summer. The Home Secretary has indicated a preference for two separate forces; Armed Infrastructure Police which will merge MDP with CNC and Transport Infrastructure Police that will merge BTP,HETO,Airports, and RPU. This info from our Fed Chaiman this week. Before we all start eating our hats :-) this is a review, the Government does this sort of thing all the time so it may or may not happen, time will tell.