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  1. Harassment Queries

    Seriously, you put on Facebook that you had been checked for an STI and was just being open and honest? Speaking for myself there is a lot in your above comments that could easily be interpreted as to why your ex does not want anymore contact. Given your 'gender issues' and having written to your ex and her parents thanking them I cannot understand why you just didn't walk away at that stage. If you had then the rest would not have happened. As to the belongings I agree with the above that given the fact this appears to be eating you up the best thing you can do IMO is forget about any possessions if they are easily replaced and move on ASAP. However, something tells me you won't so maybe getting in touch with your mental health worker who diagnosed you with maladjustment disorder may be a better bet.
  2. If you can read information presented to you as you state then it is clear no video is going to be forthcoming as stated by Californian cruisers post yesterday. Secondly it is obvious that Sectioned Detection was correcting a comment in my post. Just an observation
  3. You are right. What I meant and should have said was the video would lead you to believe the officer would be convicted but the outcome has been quite the opposite.
  4. Pension Contributions

    Currently returned from meal out with several glasses of good wines but coherent to my 2 cents. First I doubt you can access the money in the pension as most public sector organisations do not allow this after two years of pension contributions. The good new though is that you do not pay ongoing charges like they do in a private pension. Your pension will increase with yearly CPI and you will be able to access your pension at a predetermined age which I would guess be 60 yrs currently but do check this. I would imagine that either the Fed or HR would be able to give you more info. You could explore pension release but trust me when I say you do not want to go there.
  5. But you can be BA when it is you making the patronising little digs! As for the video I personally have not seen it but it's interesting that in the USA the motto is to serve and protect yet this week the media report concerns of militarisation of the police (USA) and attitudes which are isolating to the public. Not surprisingly this us what gets reported the most and remembered. There have been a couple of examples of videos on here where the video would lead you to believe the police officer would be prosecuted but the outcome has been quite the opposite. Sgt Smalley dealing with protesters being one and video of the use of force in custody being the other.
  6. Maybe not - maybe he wants a redundancy package on top of his pension and is looking to leave! As it happens the Chief constable of Notts has come out recently and said the same thing.
  7. Let police take their children out of school

    Teachers, like a lot of public sector workers seem to be a disillusioned bunch at the moment. From what I can gather the early retirement take-up of teachers seems to be quite high and anecdotally it is not unusual for teachers to work significant hours (50 hrs seems typical). Teachers (or rather head teachers) can give permission for holidays in the term time but the government state that this is only in exceptional circumstances. My take is that schools are no different to many other areas of the public sector in that free choice and wider decision making has been taken from them as they are now constrained by targets and internal comparison/competition. My thinking is that the absence target is there to try and increase educational attainments (in its own small way) so that we (in theory) creep up the world rankings of educational attainment - why else would you not give discretion to the head teacher to let you take your child on holiday in term time to avoid you being ripped off by the travel industry? Alternatively you could view it as doing their bit for policing by keeping anti social behaviour off the streets in term time school hours. I used to think about teaching as a second career change several years ago but the amount of strung out teachers I have known over the years has meant I have avoided that pitfall! Maybe adult education as a hobby job in retirement but definitely not school teaching noooo.
  8. About time too!

    North Yorks policy/procedure (see above) uses the word forbidden and West Mercia police policy explains why i.e. 10. Use of Airwaves Whilst Driving 10.1 Regulation 110(1) of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 makes the use an interactive communications device whilst driving an offence. Although no case law has yet determined a clear definition of such a device, it is likely that a hand held Airwave terminal will fall within that definition. 10.2 As the use of handheld terminals may be illegal, the use of such terminals whilst driving is forbidden. The force has provided vehicle sets with hands free facilities and these should be used when driving. 10.3 The legal implications aside, staff should also consider the image presented by West Mercia employees using hand held devices whilst driving. EDIT: It would appear that the key wording is it being an Interactive Communication Device rather than the frequency which I stated above which I got wrong! Looks like it is a case of technology moving faster than the law!
  9. About time too!

    But post 21 indicates it falls out of the two way radio definition with regards to frequency. From what i can gather it has be by remote access (as applies to the general public), a colleague in the passenger seat or, if its necessary and an emergency update only that would be the only exception I can find.
  10. About time too!

    I would be interested to hear why you think the police are exempt and the public are not in the use of mobile phones whilst driving. All the evidence I have seen indicates airwaves comes under the mobile phone legislation and not two way radio. I have never seen anything suggesting the police are exempt to use mobile phones whilst driving - quite a brave thing to say without supporting the statement by facts. I would guess hands free, as applies to the general public, would be the only acceptable use by the police (emergency calls aside). If you have it wrong that would be worrying! If you are right then it would go against the facts indicated above and throw a different perspective on the discussion so far.
  11. You have never done so - do not flatter yourself. I would rather you kept your personal comments about me to yourself if I am being honest - and I am not your mate.
  12. I follow four dictates: face it, accept it, deal with it, then let it go. Sheng Yen

  13. The difference is there's a full scale investigation every time somebody dies during/following police contact. You only have to look at the disciplinaries going through the GMC and NMC to recognise its not the police who are the only ones answerable - especially after Stafford which is widely recognised as not the services finest hour which we are constantly reminded of from every quarter but accept and do not get defensive about. Besides, I wouldn't worry, the police will be completely privatised soon anyway! As is the NHS