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  1. Revision Advice

    Hi I am currently revising for my sergeant's exam and was wondering if anyone could provide advice on revision techniques that they have used. I have the blackstones books and am finding it difficult to digest and retain. I have also paid for the blackstones online Q & A's and the video lectures from the police pass website. The lectures are easier to understand and I am making notes but again, I am finding it difficult to retain the vast amount of information. I have also borrowed a crammer book which I am halfway through reading. Thanks in advance, Tom
  2. Reprimands, cautions, warnings etc.

    Thanks for your reply. Always changing stuff! Makes it even harder to get your head around the job!
  3. Recommendation (Learning Material)

    Cheers, I will try blackstones. As for NCALT..........
  4. Hi, Can anyone help me out please. Struggling to get my head around some disposals (what they mean and when they can be offered etc) Also what is the difference between youth disposals and adult disposals. Is a youth classed as 17 and under? Thanks
  5. I wonder if anyone could help me. I am a student officer coming up to the end of my probation. I am really enjoying it so far, even though I go home each day with my brain feeling like it has been blasted by sand. I am wanting to further my knowledge around PACE and procedures. I don't get chance at work as it is always busy and things never seem to sink in when I am reading stuff at work because of how busy it is. I know stuff changes all the time and was wondering if anyone could recommend any material that may help me. I am not wanting to go for my sgts exam yet as I am quite happy just being on the front line. I just want to be able to improve my knowledge on my days off. Are there also any books which break PACE down easy and make studying a little easier, rather than just reading word for word in small print? I hope this makes sense and thanks for your help in advance. Tom
  6. South Yorks Transferee opportunities?

    I few mates of mine have been waiting to transfer to SYP for over 2 years and they have been told to expect some time this financial year.
  7. Caution

    Thanks everyone, this has helped.
  8. Caution

    Hi All, Apologies if this sounds daft but I'm new in service. After spending a large amount of time at training school and having the caution drilled into me and what should be said to someone when they are suspected of an offence, I am finding it difficult sometimes to put this into practice and was wondering if anyone could give me their wordings of what they use when they speak to people to ensure they have cautioned them etc. Example - I recently issued a FPN to a chap using his mobile phone. I exited the police car, went to speak to the driver who was still on the phone. He hung up told me he was on the phone to a relative who was sick. He was then asked to sit in the police car, where he told us this again. I issued him the ticket and he went. I did not caution him as I didn't ask him any questions, he has now elected to go to court. Am I right in thinking next time the conversation should go like this from the start? I exit the police car and straight away say "Your under investigation for the offence of using your mobile whilst driving, your not under arrest and you are free when I have finished dealing with the matter. CAUTION. The above just seems a lot more unnatural? Hope this makes sense, any help is appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi, Apologies in advance, I am a newbie and have recently gone independent. I was just wondering if there is an easy way to remember which offences you need to report someone on summons for when you have disposed of them with a ticket etc. EG - When you give someone a producer, you tell them if they dont comply within 7 days then they will be reported on summons for it, however I have heard from some colleagues that when you give tickets out for theft etc, you dont report them on summons at the end of it, you tell them that if they fail to pay within 28 days or elect to go to court then the fine will go up and a warrant may be issued for a non payment of fines. Does it harm anything if you just report on summons at the end of everything as a catch all if you are unsure? I hope I am making sense? Thanks
  10. Independant Patrol

    Thanks everyone and thanks Carver87, I am still enjoying it. No doubt I will be buying a lot of buns!
  11. Independant Patrol

    Cheers, day 1 went ok, enjoyed it. I have only met my group a few times, I hope they are ready for me to be the annoying one asking all the questions!
  12. Independant Patrol

    Hi Everyone, Just done my 12 weeks with my tutor and fingers crossed will be going independant tomorrow. Nervous is not the word! I feel like I have no idea what I am doing and am finding myself thinking questions over and over in my head, it's starting to get a bit annoying now! Any other fellow students who have recently done independant give me any tips / advice? Thanks in advance.
  13. South Yorkshire Start

    Not long now Mick and Ash! Won't see you on monday as we are elsewhere, so will see you in the canteen on tuesday.
  14. New Recruits 2012 - Meet Up's

    Was a great yet strange feeling, can't believe it's here. Never thought I would make it this far and I have!
  15. New Recruits 2012 - Meet Up's

    Ash, had my pic taken last week and going for my uniform fitting today. Going to feel weird!