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  1. Northumbria & Assessment

    Well took from November - March to find out so I'm sure you can do the math and work out how long it takes hahaa!!!! To the people that have passed have you booked on to the next stage?
  2. Northumbria & Assessment

    I applied November and got the email to say I've passed the initial sift. So fingers crossed for you all
  3. Northumbria & Assessment

    Hi cdean sorry just seen your post how did your interview go? Has any one else got an email to say they passed the initial sift?
  4. Northumbria & Assessment

    Just checked and yes I got that email too
  5. Northumbria & Assessment

    Any news guys? It's really taking a long time
  6. Northumbria & Assessment

    Hi scott123 yeah not heard anything yet either. Soon as I hear anything I will post on here so that we are all kept in the loop
  7. Northumbria & Assessment

    Me too don't know what it's for as I stated my address on the application form
  8. Durham Police Recruitment

    Yeah don't let it get you down. Onwards and upwards
  9. Northumbria & Assessment

    Same I've not heard anything, but hold on as recruitment takes ages!
  10. Northumbria & Assessment

    Hey. I've fingers crossed for us all!
  11. Hey. How did people get on at assessment?
  12. Yeah heard back last weds I think it was all good. :)