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  1. Legal Pressed Plates - £60 FPN

    They are legal. Had this before they do have the reflective material needed. I doubt the officers were traffic as would not have been so anal about plates that would clearly activate all camera and gatsos etc and easily identifiable
  2. Another number plate question

    The true question is why Betty Boo? But apart from letters which shouldbe spaced correctly you can have the flag of the cointry of registration or GB or EU. at the bottom it should only be the company or postcode as to where the plate was made and the British Standard Number, you can give tickets out like confetti. Just because a police officer fails to issue a ticket or does not even mention it does not mean that it is wrong just not worth officers time continually issuing ticket unless the driver deserves it.
  3. Traffic Scenario

    Personally (time permitting) i would go to Alex with a NIP and get Alex to fill it out there and then. Check validity of Alex and as per previous comments check proof of sale cash etc and why selling car? has he just brought anjother car? or car lined up etc. Seems like the police know Jamie and John. Take a NIP to Jamie give her/him the 14 daysto fill in. then summons her for fail to identify. If the pursuing officers recognise the driver being Jamie arrest her. Speak to john and see what he says poss statement (he will lie but that will go against both of them, and John would be discredited in the box) Or do some intel and enquire why made off Dizzy, or sus drugs and then at least you know the car leave it a week then them think it is ok and then hound them constanlty and give them as many points. There are bound to be some offences on the vehicle etc They will always come again
  4. Parking Across Driveway.

    You could speak to your local police neighbourhood team and let them know the issue. If a vehicle is blocking your driveway and parked across your dropped kerb then they can issue a non endorsable fixed penalty notice for Unnecessary Obstruction. The vehicle could also be towed. They will soon stop with the £30 fine and cost to recover the vehicle. It has to have a dropped kerb. that they are crossing.
  5. It seems that £60 and and 3 points are no deterrant. It has been £60 + 3 points (EFPN) and £30 (Non FPN) for numerous of years and people dont mind paying this as it does not seem a lot. One way increase the penalty to hit them hard in tbe pocket and increase points to increase their Insurance premiums. I have heard there are introducing or was a fixed penalty system where some offences carries a higher fine and points IE exceeding speed limit by 25% = 3 points over 40% = 4 points and so on.
  6. West Mids Living Quarters

    There are single living quarters that cost around £350 per month, However all are slowly being converted in to training facilities and may be sold to raise capital. From my understanding there are no family quarters and there have not been for over 10 years. However there are better flats/houses to rent within all station locations and are not much more money.
  7. Dangerous Driving?

    It depends on other circumstances. Weather, other vehicles, reduced speed limits. unless there are other factors seems like driving without due care and attention.
  8. A quick licence question..

    From my understanding your licence won’t be revoked when you pass your test if you have accrued 6 points prior to passing. All it means that if you get 6 points after passing (having already accrued 6 points), your licence wont be revoked under the new driver act but you will receive a 6 month disqualification under the totting up procedure (unless the magistrate is having a good day and you plead exceptional hardship and extreme circumstances) as you will have accrued 12 points. You’re allowed to get 6 points after passing as long as it does not amount to 12 points within 3 years. I could be wrong but that is how I understand the procedure after speaking to DVLA liaison