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  1. Just thought i would start a post for people like myself that have just posted their application for Special Constables within Strathclyde police or any force. So we can all share info and experiences. I have applied and the form is in the post so i cant wait to hear back. anyone going through the process. get in touch look forward to hearing from you all Davie
  2. Fitness Assessment with 1.5m run

    thanks for your feedback . just read into it. its a 1.5 mile run withint 12.5 mins might be the bleep test i dunno all i need to know is what would be best. i am 18 st on the head just now. so should i loose the rest to 14 st while training then attempt it or what would you suggest. another thing in my favour is if i do wait till i am 14 stone i will need a op to remove my excess skin as well. this could also hinder me in my attempt please let me know what you think guys was speaking to one of my ex colleges and hes a officer in Strathclyde police and he says i should be able to do it
  3. Worried about starting training in gym for 1.5 mile run

  4. Hi folks how are you all doing. I am and have been for a long time wanting to join the force. i know they are not recruiting in Strathclyde just now but i am thinking on joining the special constable. I was at 33+ stone 2 years back. now through diet and exercise i am 18 Stone spot on as of yesterday. BMI32.2. I know i have to be between 18 and 30 to get it. so i am getting there. What worries me is the 1.5 mile run when you first apply to get it. I went to gym today as usual. set up the machine but did not realise it was on KM and not miles. I ran 1.5 KM in 8 1/2 mins. i was running at about 10.5 mk/h . This was my first time in gym for a long time. i did a 5 min warm up then into the run. How much does it differ from normal running (the test)? what would you recommend to get myself in better shape for this 1.5 mile (2.4KM)run what are the force like with their attitude that you have to make the 1.5 miles in the 12 and half mins or under. I need some advice and i hope you guys can give me it. thanks for your time David