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  1. Our brief was that if your hair didn't reach your collar then it didn't have to be tied up. Can you not just put it into a pony tail? That would keep it tidy and out the way.
  2. Mine is the 3l petrol so yeah it's n/a, it's pretty rapid already but apparently the Dream Science map improved fuel economy. Now, I know that with a car like this it'll never be good, but I'm all for improving it. I still don't know if I want to remap, several reviews have said that the standard map is pretty damn good anyway. I'm going to change the exhaust when it needs a new one, which is not so far off.
  3. Hope she gets this all sorted, and puts this all behind her to have some great experiences.
  4. JamieMET, what mods have you done? I'm wondering what, if anything, to do to my ST220. A friend recommended DreamScience which is an option for around 300ish. My best quote was £71,000 for the modified TVR (by best I mean funniest). But we put them all on a trade policy for around 2k so can add as many cars and it doesn't put the premium up- nothing is going to be as high risk as the TVR!! That's not bad for a 25 y/o with points, and a 29 y/o without, and at present 5 cars on it.
  5. Sadly I wasn't so lucky, note to self, don't overtake unmarked police cars on single carriageway roads at speed!
  6. I liked the Hunger Games books, not so keen on the movie but then, movies are never as good as the books in my opinion.
  7. Lol, my Psst was getting around 40mpg and that's the v6 tdi. The Mondeno st220 is around 30mpg I do around 1000 miles a month so think I might feel that :gulp:
  8. I've had a few cars: Started at 15 with a Moggie called Lily, she was the requisite blue and rust colour! Skoda Felicia called Pamela (the vrm ended TT...) Golf mk3 called Kermit, hideous bright green colour Another mk3 Golf, the slightly quicker one, amazing fuel economy
  9. That's kind of my thinking, fuel's so expensive anyway that the fun driving is worth the cost of the fuel... And I'm so impatient, particularly in the summer with loads of sloooooooow tourists on the road that sitting behind them for 40 minutes is no fun on what should be a 20 minute journey. I'd rather have that poke to overtake and be long gone.
  10. Ooooo! Now, all depending which day of the week and the colour of my outfit, I have to co-ordinate... I have a pink Morris Minor :) she's awesome A Ford Mondeno ST220, the latest addition to the stables A v6 tdi Passat, soon to be up for sale TVR Cerbera with a v8 5.5 AMG Merc SOHC lump (well it's in my name even though it kinda belongs to hubby) His van (not so interesting but he needs it for work)
  11. I enjoy books where the character develops, plus the typical chick flick stuff for easy reading! Jodi Picoult writes good books with a dilemma, usually. But I read a lot, and quickly so will read most things put in front of me. Not a massive fan of sci-fi stuff, love crime fiction. The Kindle v real books, my husband bought my Kindle for Christmas. He's now regretting it because it goes everywhere with me! But when it comes to reference books, I prefer real ones that I can post-it note and flick through a couple at the same time. And there's nothing like walking into a book shop and seeing what catches my eye. However, knowing that I can dial into Amazon when I want a new book on my Kindle (as long as I've got t'interweb on my phone) is awesome.
  12. And better than some
  13. I am with you on this one, it's ridiculous!
  14. MOP

    I use it and don't consider it an insult, I think it's difficult to tell in text sometimes the intended tone. My use comes from military dad and brothers, and we typically use it to differentiate between uniform and non uniform e.g. "Is training in uniform or civvies?"
  15. In total, 4 and a half years as an SC, 2 with 1 force and 2.5 with my current force.