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  1. There's still people pending A/C dates from the internal recruitment drive so it's a tad confusing as to how they're going to fit it all in!
  2. Why the war between drivers and cyclists?

    I think there should be some cycle training to be able to go on the road. Mistakenly, when I first got into cycling after not being on a bike since childhood, I figured the safest place to be was right over left as tight to the hedge as possible. But someone fairly quickly put me right on that. Depending on road furniture, control when cars can go past- it's stopped cars putting me into danger when they squeeze between me and traffic islands or diving in front when they overtake round a blind corner and a car comes, and then get out their way as soon as practicable and safe to move left again. On the flip side, as a driver I now give cyclists about double the room I used to and think that a valuable lesson would be learnt by many drivers if they spent an hour on a bike having to deal with some car drivers!
  3. Speeding fines

    Luckily mine will be gone in April. Re recruitment, A19 has now been rescinded which is a positive indicator for recruitment.
  4. Ours wouldn't have been SORNed until MOT was up, they were tax exempt so no benefit.
  5. Stupid question re ladies hair into a bun

    Our brief was that if your hair didn't reach your collar then it didn't have to be tied up. Can you not just put it into a pony tail? That would keep it tidy and out the way.
  6. What car Do You Drive?

    Mine is the 3l petrol so yeah it's n/a, it's pretty rapid already but apparently the Dream Science map improved fuel economy. Now, I know that with a car like this it'll never be good, but I'm all for improving it. I still don't know if I want to remap, several reviews have said that the standard map is pretty damn good anyway. I'm going to change the exhaust when it needs a new one, which is not so far off.
  7. Special Police Officer - Asked to resign?

    Hope she gets this all sorted, and puts this all behind her to have some great experiences.
  8. Speeding fines

    Where did you hear that? I'm a SC in D&C and have got points, this really wasn't an issue. I also got told by someone in recruitment that my 3 points wouldn't be an issue for the regs. edit: clarity
  9. Going back to the comment about Continuous Insurance, my understanding is that the RK is responsible for ensuring there is insurance on the vehicle, they don't have to be insured. I was RK for my first car at 15 and clearly couldn't insure it myself. However, I could still be held responsible for making sure it was insured. My bro was RK on his landie at 13.
  10. What car Do You Drive?

    JamieMET, what mods have you done? I'm wondering what, if anything, to do to my ST220. A friend recommended DreamScience which is an option for around 300ish. My best quote was £71,000 for the modified TVR (by best I mean funniest). But we put them all on a trade policy for around 2k so can add as many cars and it doesn't put the premium up- nothing is going to be as high risk as the TVR!! That's not bad for a 25 y/o with points, and a 29 y/o without, and at present 5 cars on it.
  11. What car Do You Drive?

    Sadly I wasn't so lucky, note to self, don't overtake unmarked police cars on single carriageway roads at speed!
  12. What do you read?

    I liked the Hunger Games books, not so keen on the movie but then, movies are never as good as the books in my opinion.
  13. What car Do You Drive?

    Lol, my Psst was getting around 40mpg and that's the v6 tdi. The Mondeno st220 is around 30mpg I do around 1000 miles a month so think I might feel that :gulp:
  14. What car Do You Drive?

    I've had a few cars: Started at 15 with a Moggie called Lily, she was the requisite blue and rust colour! Skoda Felicia called Pamela (the vrm ended TT...) Golf mk3 called Kermit, hideous bright green colour Another mk3 Golf, the slightly quicker one, amazing fuel economy
  15. What car Do You Drive?

    That's kind of my thinking, fuel's so expensive anyway that the fun driving is worth the cost of the fuel... And I'm so impatient, particularly in the summer with loads of sloooooooow tourists on the road that sitting behind them for 40 minutes is no fun on what should be a 20 minute journey. I'd rather have that poke to overtake and be long gone.