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  1. Elderly drivers - who monitors them?

    What if one of the jurors' relatives had been hit by this driver? I fully agree that there should be something in place to prevent elderly people driving if their sight is impaired. But, we all have this notion that old people are sweet old things. Far from it. They are a bunch of all sorts, the same as younger people. My daughter and son-in-law almost missed their wedding because the day before she was rear-ended. She phoned him and he drove quickly to her assistance, parked opposite in a parking area designated for residents on a council estate (oops - assisted living?) and ran to comfort and help her. An old man came hobbling out of the house near by and ranted and raved that he should not have parked there. My son-in law went to talk to the old man who jabbed him aggressively. He pushed back and the old man fell. An off duty cop saw the incident (from his perspective)and booked my son in law for assault, I think, and he was in the custody 'til 1am of the wedding day. The old man made a song and dance about having been injured and insisted an ambulance be called. Anyway, I think the guy was not a 'dear old man' but a nasty aggressive person (I think he was claiming dissabilty allowance whilst having a van and doing odd job work!)
  2. Odd traffic stop

    Thanks, Mikeh2000. There's always more to it I guess. I'm pleased he did get some sort of punishment.
  3. Odd traffic stop

    Hi Mikeh2000 I'm new here and a "joe public". I think the guy you stopped was a danger to the public and he should have been booked, no matter what or why. I am fed up of seeing, on every cold or snowy day, people going off to work with a tiny little hole scraped through the frost or mist on the windscreen and obviously no lateral visibility. Yesterday morning on the BBC news a driver in a Shogun drove past the presenter who was reporting from a junction in the snow. His side windows had an inch of snow on them. Impossible to see left or right. Later, yesterday I found myself behind an elderly driver whose inside car windows (all of them)were badly misted and you could tell by his driving that he could hardly see! I have two children and four grand children and I am even more aware of the dangers posed by impaired visibility and that someone could injure or kill one of them through stupidity, laziness and selfishness. I really think you guys should have a ZERO tolerance attitude to incidences like these and people using mobile phones (whilst arranging hair at 70mph - yes, she was driving behind me, multitasking!)and not wearing seatbelts and speeding. If I sound a bit narked, forgive me. I was pulled over a couple of month ago by three officers in a patrol car. Nearside rear stop light not working. Fair cop! But - I was read my rights ("...whatever you say may be taken in evidence ....") given a slip of paper, told to go to a MOT facility, get them to confirm a new bulb was working, report to the police station and send off the completed piece of paper. The incident took 20 minutes - times three = 1 hour of police time plus all the paperwork to be filed, etc, etc. I don't know if there are any statistics relating to injuries or deaths caused by a stop light not working but I imagine that there are probably NONE. Deaths or injuries caused by impaired vision I imagine are quite high (even one death or injury would be too many)Yes, my light should have been working. But I think I should have been cautioned - in the scale of things! So, Mikeh200, next time throw the book at him or you just might find you are attending an incident where the same guy has killed someone (and you could have prevented it) Not only could he not see but he was speeding, I mean, REALLY speeding. Just noticed your comment -"I was sorely tempted to summons him, so that he would have to explain to his wife why he was going to court for a motoring offence committed when he was in bed, but I let him of with an endorsable ticket." Surely you should have been sorely tempted to summons him because he was driving with impaired visibility at high speed!!