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  1. #NoConfidenceInTheresaMay

    Yes, define 'trust': Actually, define 'lack of trust': Terrified? Vaguely cautious? What? Not trusting an organisation completely is not necessarily the same thing as being convinced that you can never trust any member of an organisation at all. (Does this number get better or worse when you look away from all the headlines and start looking at local issues, etc?) You can pick ten times as many success stories, but they wouldn't serve the intended purpose.
  2. Appeals Process (Met)

    OK, please get back to the actual discussion everyone- full sentences are of course preferred, but the point has been made now and there is nothing to be gained from anyone getting sidetracked from the main topic or starting to bicker!
  3. Police Staff Medical

    If it's anything like mine it's just a drug test, eye test etc and is fairly basic. No stethoscopes involved. :tongue: Don't know if call handlers have any other steps, though!
  4. Moved to the legal advice section.
  5. I appreciate she is the victim and is clearly entitled to feel this way but just because she feels it doesnt mean its so or make headline. Unless the bbc are slightly anti police, which the clearly are. Yes, I can see why she's angry- anyone would be if they went through that and heard that kind of response. It would just be nice if the BBC ever, even once, put up a story about people being really pleased with the response of their officers. (There are lots of these. Wonder if the BBC would give them an airing...)
  6. New PC reporting in!

    Welcome to the forum!
  7. Hi

    Welcome aboard!
  8. 'Plebgate' affair:

    Duplicate threads merged.
  9. Happy new year!

    Happy New Year everyone!
  10. Merry crimbo!

    Merry Christmas everyone! :biggrin:
  11. Keen As Mustard, you will need to take your issues to the local Force to be dealt with properly. Nobody here can help you with anything other than an internet debate. You are very welcome to have several of those, if you engage in good faith and are not intentionally disruptive.
  12. Excessive spam

    I walked past a billboard advertising the things yesterday and actively recoiled! (New tech measure now in place- hopefully that's end end of the worst of it!)
  13. Excessive spam

    Yes, it's been unusually bad within the last couple of days. We've been working flat out to clear it up, and we're in the process of getting a technical solution set up to block them coming through. Bear with us!
  14. FGM

    OK, if anyone else wants to debate this properly please feel free. It's a huge topic and there's quite a bit going on with it at the moment, it seems.
  15. FGM

    Remember that the police don't make the laws. That's up to the government. There is a collection of currrent documentation around FGM here, if anyone is interested: (Let's keep this civil, please- there is an interesting debate to be had here.)