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  1. Favourite Boots

    Hi Guys, Just interested what do you consider the best boots for your day to day policing role? If you have multiple pairs for different taskings thats of interest too?
  2. Leatherman or multi tool

    Each force has their own opinion on carrying multi-tools I found that keeping it in my kit bag in the car and grabbing it when needed was the best way.
  3. Baton Holder

    Get the peter jones baton holder with leather strap and the 360 rotating CS holder both are issued in surrey and are brill, the met ones are rather difficult to use in my opinion.
  4. Steel Toe Caps

    Compsoite ties are great, as they dont have the adverse issues steelies cause.
  5. Leatherman or multi tool

    Gerber suspension, only tool needed. relatively cheap comes with a pouch its brill
  6. I would suggest looking at Lowa, Haix, Bates and Magnum.
  7. Idiot ears and earpieces

    I had this problem so just stayed with the G-shape as I found them louder. A couple of guys I know have adjusted theirs by cutting them to fit better.
  8. Hi DOuble G the link you popped on the other post doesnt work. Could you try to pm me it?
  9. Taser cartridge pouches

    The Link doesn't work thats a shame
  10. Extra Long Black Clip-on Tie

    Did you find one?
  11. Taser cartridge pouches

    What Pouch did you get?
  12. Extra Long Black Clip-on Tie

    What length do you need in inches, I'll go measure what we have in stock.
  13. Taser cartridge pouches

    Hi Guys, We can order any of the Blackhawk gear you need. Like other posters I would strongly suggest against buying anything for your taser as it should all be force issued and signed off.
  14. firearms cameras

    wow this has gotten off topic!
  15. Financial Checks after Identity Theft

    Awesome News, Hope all goes well!