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  1. Police continued to fire Tasers

    I would suggest that the average taser officer is often dealing with their subject double crewed at best. And if they've got their back to you it's probably because their running away in which case the use of taser would be difficult to justify unless you seriously believed that they were immediately going to cause serious harm to another and the taser discharge is all that could safely stop it. Lots of taser incidents are maniacs with knives/other weapons running headlong into officers presenting mostly their heads and centre torso as targets. The only chance to get them in the back is if a number of officers have the violent subject surrounded. Or maybe the officer could simply instruct the violent subject to turn around and present a better target. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
  2. Is Winsor Really That Bad?

    Doesn't look too bad at all.. apart from the old money questions which is need some help with. That's just me showing my lack of years! And yes, Winsor is much worse
  3. Three Word Story

    Where's the beer,
  4. A real important topic: BEER

    Duval for a slow night with the missus, Kronenbourg if i'm out at the pub
  5. One Word Association

  6. 5. Maybe a missing words round where key words from the points to prove are removed and can be replaced either by typing in or from a multi choice selection.
  7. I've had a play with the app and i think it's got a lot of potential, I've got a couple of points that i'd like to see as improvements. 1. A contents table would be useful for browsing the definitions 2. I'm not sure of the point of having the clock, most android phones have a clock in the notification bar, so it seems like a waste of screen space unless i'm missing something. 3. The app views fine on my wife's wildfire, but on my sensation the font size of the definitions is kind of tiny. Not sure how it would scale on a tablet, but an emulator could help you out here. 4. It would be nice if after viewing the definition, you could go into a q & a session similar to the blackstones questions. I know the problem here is where do you go for your source material, i don't think blackstones et al would be impressed if you just copied them. maybe you could set up a group here on the forum we could contribute to?
  8. Smatphone use in the USA

    i went over to new york with my unlocked htc desire. my uk vodafone sim worked just fine over there. I bought a USA t-mobile sim out there for making local calls and it worked just fine!
  9. LINUX os / UBUNTU

    I use ubuntu as my os on my laptop, works a treat, if you've got any questions, do ask!
  10. Hi

    Hi everyone, just a quick one to say hi to you all. I'm a serving officer, still quite young in service so it's interesting reading what you experienced officers have to say about the job see you around