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  1. CNC fire arms

    It is NPIA, hence why you can transfer IN with results, just some forces may ask for a certain score
  2. PC recruitment 2013

    Passing the Police Recruit Assessment process by Peter Cox. Excellent book and my mate got in after I recommended it to him as well
  3. cheers for the response Stu, appreciate that
  4. CNC fire arms

    I heard someone who failed theyre case conference and got a call months later asking if she wanted to rejoin I would keep calling HR, seems that you get so much varying info depending on who answers the call!
  5. Dumfries and Galloway...

    I agree, suit is definitely the way forward!! And in the end of the day the assessors want to pass you, not fail you, good luck.
  6. Just to clarify Stu, is it 100% that as a transferee you would be posted to a remote area? Just Ive read testimonial from an officer who has been in Perth city for 2 years since joining...
  7. Pay drop

    Does anyone know where a non-home office PC would stand in all of this? Would our service be considered as a PCSO or Special's would be?
  8. Impact on family life

    As well I always feel it balances itself out.... you cant exactly take a statement home with you so at least work stays at work in that sense!!
  9. vetting

    Mine took 3 months but all forces are different for some reason :-/