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  1. CNC Medical

    Ive just got an email about the medicals, I've just booked my eye test & hopefully got my medical in August. Hopefully things are starting to gather pace
  2. Hunterston Site

    No sorry don't know anything about it, I'm after sellafield as its 15 mins from my house,where as hunterston is 3.5 hours. But at least something's happening regarding recruitment.
  3. Hunterston Site

    I've just received the email about hunterston but it says .It is anticipated that a number of these vacancies will be for the Hunterston Operational Policing Unit. So does it mean theres vacancies else where I wonder ?
  4. Cnc assessment

    I got my results today found out I've passed, just got medical left to do now, sorry to hear you never passed cabbage but stick in & keep at it.
  5. Cnc assessment

    Did anybody recently have an assessment day in april/may & if so have you heard anything yet ?
  6. CNC Application

    Cheers guy's at least it's just not me, Just want to get the assessment centre out of the way, not looking forward to the role-plays, but gives me a bit more time to practice and get fitter.
  7. CNC Application

    Hi guys I applied in jan & got a reply saying I'd been successfull with my application in June, They said they would get in touch with dates for assessment centre but heard nothing since, Anyone in the same boat as me or has heard if there's a delay.