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  1. I very much doubt if the EU will actualy be in existence in 10 years time, never mind 20. The financial situation affecting many of the members states' banking systems and economies is fragile in the extreme and the appearently unstoppable numbers of immigrants and refugees from Third-World countries create a dire situation. And when it comes down to the wire the EU countries don't act as one when it doesn't suit them as evidenced by the immigrant problem. Some members states openly welcome immigrants while other go the opposite way and erect fences tyo keep them out. What a mess. We shall be well rid of oue EU membershipo when the time comes.
  2. That is pretty much the reason I voted to leave.
  3. And what are those legal obligations? So far as I am aware there in nothing in any legislation pertaining to membership of the EU which requires any member state to pay what is tantamount to an exit fee if they leave.
  4. All very good from a subjective point of view, but where will the vast amount of money come from to pay for this largesse?.
  5. Mehtinks the time is speedily appraoching when we should tell the EU what to do with their negotiations and walk away.
  6. The proper vetting of potential candidates for employment with the Police Service is of paramount importance for reasons which I believe are self-evident for the well-being of those already serving as well as the service in general. In recent times I am aware of candidates who WERE vetted falling far short of the standards required with disastrous results. The vetting process is far from perfect (not just in the Police Service) but if no vetting or vetting of an inferior standard of vetting is in vogue then the chances of recruiting `a wrong un' are surely much enhanced.
  7. This is an extremely worrying issue. Everyone seeking to enter the Police Service should be properly vetted. Failure to do so will inevitably result in individuals being accepted into the Service who should never to permitted to be employed by a police force. The potential for corruption is immense and irreparable damage could be done to the Service. We would do well to look at history to avoid mistakes. JOHN REGINALD HALLIDAY CHRISTIE, the serial killer of 10 Rillington Place infamy was permitted to join the Metropolitan Police during WWII with being properly vetted and despite having a notable criminal record including prison sentences. And look what happened as a result of that.
  8. I have little doubt that this officer's plea for offenders to think about the wider consequences of their actions will fall on deaf ears. The truth of the matter is that very few offenders give much thought about anything and continue to steamroller their way through their lives with complete and utter disdain for anyone other tyhan themselves. The paltry sentences handed out to them by the courts do little to focus their minds on the consequences of their actions and I am sorry to say this has been the case for many decades. Sadly, I see little chance of this situation altering in the future.
  9. BBC: Violent crime up 18% in England and Wales

    Given the reduction in the number of police officers and the reduction of police budgets etc. I don't think we should be too surprised by this news.
  10. I don't envy you your job. I suspect those who criticise the staff in special schools are people who live in an airy fairy world and have never had to retrain anyone in their life.
  11. So how else can staff in these schools control the children in question when they become violent. Restraint of some sort must be necessary to control them in certain situations for the protection of all concerned, including the child who has become violent. Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, some injuries will always be inflicted.
  12. BBC: Scottish Parliament backs referendum call

    No surprises there then. However, the SNP dominated parliament only managed to achieve this result with support from the Scottish Green Party which tends to indicate the SNP do not have things entirely their own way. I have no doubt the PM will decline to run a second referendum on Scotland leaving the UK and the SNP will continue to neglect the governance of Scotland in pursuit of the destruction of the UK.
  13. BBC: You'll wait longer for ops, says NHS boss

    It is no wonder that this situation has come to pass. The cost of the NHS is truly horrendous and action of this nature was almost inevitable. I expect we shall see more procedures and treatments either excluded from the NHS or the ability to access them delayed in the case of less serious conditions or illnesses. I consider the NHS the greatest peacetime achievement of the UK in my lifetime and I wish to see it continue. However, the world has changed since its inception in 1948 and we need to change the NHS to suit the situation we are now in.
  14. BBC: Marine conviction reduced to manslaughter

    I think there is a large body of opinion to the effect that this Royal Marine should never have been prosecuted in the first place. I hope he is released from custody at the earliest opportunity and trust that s fight to have has conviction quashed completely will soon be ongoing.
  15. You appear to be resident in Scotland and if I am correct in that assertion I find it most surprising to read that you do not consider the so-called Independence question not to be divisive. I have travelled round various parts of Scotland since the Referendum and it has split communities and families in a way I have never witnessed before. So far as Scottish hatred of the rest of the UK is concerned, I have witnessed this on an almost daily basis since my schooldays (and that wasn't yesterday) and since the days leading up to the last Referendum I have seen this continue and, in many instances, increase. I concede this emanates from a minority but they are a significant and vociferous minority. To allege Scotland has had a raw deal almost makes me laugh. We are one of the most subsidised regions of the UK and if Scotland left the UK there can be no doubt we would have to experience large tax increase and/or severe reductions in public services. I also visit friends in various places in England and it is apparent to me that we are better off in many respects than many areas in that part of the UK. I voted to leave the EU and did so as a citizen of the UK. It was the UK Electorate who were asked to vote on this issue, not the citizens of only Scotland, Wales or any other part of the Uk. As you say, it was a UK- wide vote and should be respected as such. However, even if there had been no referendum on EU membership,Sturgeon and Co would have found some other reason to renege on the SNP promise of `Once in a generation.' So far as border controls are concerned I can see no reason why a `hard' border with customs and immigration posts could be avoided. England would need such a border to control the flow of immigrants from all parts of the world, including the EU, once Brexit has been fully created. And would the MOD give sensitive contracts to a foreign country (which Scotland would be) in the event of Independence? I suspect not. The English Electorate would not be pleased and I would not blame them. However, glad to see you will probably be voting `NO' in the referendum if it transpires.