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  1. How would forces ever know if a police officer was in secret contact with a journalist anyway? I'm sure officers who are in contact with the media wouldn't tell their force anyway? I don't see how this could work really.
  2. Although not now used, I'm sure the indicators would still be helpful to look through prior the assessment day as a reminder as to what not to do/say... :) I'm very certain the assessors would be happy for everybody to forget about the indicators and think they aren't now valid, as they know themselves the indicators are valued information.
  3. 'Scrap some speed limits'
  4. 'Scrap some speed limits'

    I'll find that out for you, but I do know that there were some awful accidents on the A614, and I've not heard of another one occurring ever since it was lowered from 60mph to 50mph.
  5. 'Scrap some speed limits'

    Where I live a lot of the side roads have just been lowered from 30mph to 20mph with some still remaining 30mph. A lot of the main roads have been lowered from 40mph to 30mph with the rest being left at 30mph. The county roads have been reduced from 60mph to 50mph with a few still remaining at 60mph. The roads in my area are pretty safe with these new respectable limits in place. Take these limits away and you'll see a lot more accidents. New drivers, especially young ones may take advantage of the 'driving to the conditions' saying by going way too fast thinking they're it.
  6. NOTTINGHAMSHIRE regulars!

  7. NEWS:The future of British policing?

    I see what you are saying but it's the fault of the media (and obviously herself). But the media have gone on about her too much which is probably why you're say that, but don't you agree that the media has basically ruined her life in a way?
  8. Oh right. :) Well I have to say, when this topic first started and everybody was going on about the awful telephone system, I did think it was unfair. :/ Good luck with your training. :)
  9. Sorry for any offence caused. I wasn't saying 60% is a bad score. Like you say, it's very respectable. :) I've read this topic since last year when it was made, it's been quite interesting following everything. How many people attended your assessment centre? (Again, sorry for any offence caused)
  10. I'm not saying it's bad, It's the average passmark I think, but I would assume the top 80 people would higher schools - 68% and above for example
  11. A 60% pass mark seems a bit low to say the competition was pretty fierce. How many people attended the centre if 80 people passed? (Just wondering as I'll hopefully be applying soon) :) Thanks:)
  12. NEWS:The future of British policing?

    BREAKING NEWS She has finally quit.
  13. NEWS:The future of British policing?

    I do like the idea of there being a youth pcc 'kenworthy' but It obviously hasn't set off to a good start. But then again, the salary is way too high! I remember being called articulate and confident quite a few times when I was her age. Maybe I should have got the job. But no seriously, I'm sure there were better people for the job.
  14. NEWS:The future of British policing?

    I do understand what you're saying. Maybe my rant was a bit over the top. Yes, she made some awful mistakes but she's learnt from them, matured, and said sorry.
  15. NEWS:The future of British policing?

    After reading this I must say I'm very shocked. The media seemed to have covered half of her awful 'tweets' up. From watching the news I just thought that she had simply made some very stupid mistakes and I didn't think she should have resigned. But after reading this I've now learnt she is complete an utter idiot. She should certainly resign! Think about what else she may have done off the social networking sites... drugs maybe? I feel sorry for all the other youths who applied for the role and who aren't as bad as her! Don't get me started on the £15000 salary... it's only £4000 short of what a newly qualified, hardworking and decent police constable would get...