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  1. Darn, how did you guess?!
  2. And in all honesty, by your answers, I assume that 'you not a cop' (shouldn't it be 'you're'?".
  3. I think that this is the most common phrase ever on Road Wars. I don't say it myself but I imagine that the officers ask this for their own safety. I watched an episode once where the response to this question was "I have a knife in my inner pocket". Probably me being daft but how does asking this question breach codes of practice? I was actually taught to ask beforehand if they have anything sharp on them to prevent me from pricking myself on a needle that could have anything on it, or anything else that could harm me. Before I ever search anyone, I say "Are you carrying anything that is likely to harm me when searching you?". I don't want to get AIDS from a scabby needle, so this question is, to me, very important!
  4. I'm up for it.
  5. I feel that this is force specific. Special Constables do not get free rail travel throughout the UK. They may however be entitled to free local bus or rail travel. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Special+Constables+free+travel
  6. Thanks.
  7. My Force has a very strict policy regarding this. It states that Constables and Police Staff are to not use their warrant card / ID to claim free travel, unless they are authorised to do so. Pretty fair IMO as Police are no different to any other job types, in relation to travel. I do think that BTP staff should be allowed limited free rail travel off duty as they continuously work with the transport network.
  8. Thanks Mark.
  9. From my experience, staffing can sometimes be a little on the tight side, due to Government cuts etc. When a Special turns up for duty, the duty Sgt is usually very relieved to have an extra resource on his or her team. PCSOs are great but they are very much restricted in what jobs they are allowed to attend. IMO, Specials are needed now more than ever, simply due to the country's financial situation. Hope this makes sense.
  10. Nice to meet you too!
  11. Thanks!
  12. You've gotta love College Humour.
  13. Hiya everyone, I'm Ryan, 20 years old and I'm a Special Constable from the South West. This forum came up first in a Google search so I thought I'd join! I look forward to hopefully making some new friends and getting to know you all. Cheers, Ryan