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  1. Darn, how did you guess?!
  2. And in all honesty, by your answers, I assume that 'you not a cop' (shouldn't it be 'you're'?".
  3. I think that this is the most common phrase ever on Road Wars. I don't say it myself but I imagine that the officers ask this for their own safety. I watched an episode once where the response to this question was "I have a knife in my inner pocket". Probably me being daft but how does asking this question breach codes of practice? I was actually taught to ask beforehand if they have anything sharp on them to prevent me from pricking myself on a needle that could have anything on it, or anything else that could harm me. Before I ever search anyone, I say "Are you carrying anything that is likely to harm me when searching you?". I don't want to get AIDS from a scabby needle, so this question is, to me, very important!
  4. I'm up for it.
  5. I think that Sub-seven has ruined this for everyone. Thanks to those who did try to have some fun.
  6. Yes mate, I am. Seeing as there isn't a single word that starts with 'yx'. User
  7. Attack Attribute
  8. Vermin
  9. Magentamalariamantramelanoma ( ) Mark Mathematical