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  1. Merseyside on Hold..

    Hi Guys, i was lucky enough to be one of the 20 to start and I really do feel for the ones who didn't get in on this intake but like what some others have said, things are now moving and there will be more intakes. Hope to meet you all sometime in the near future.
  2. Merseyside on Hold..

    I've got mine on Friday. Do you think they have have picked who's going to be on the sept intake now?
  3. Merseyside on Hold..

    I've heard nowt since my medical 2 weeks ago either. Scratchfree when did u get a phone call about references?
  4. Merseyside on Hold..

    I've booked mine for the 10th. I phoned recruitment to see if they could tell me when there is going to be an intake as I'm getting married abroad in sept but they said they don't know at this time and they will know more towards the end of June.
  5. Merseyside on Hold..

    That's good news for you. Glad they are keeping you on.
  6. Merseyside on Hold..

    Does anybody know when they are looking to start us?
  7. Merseyside on Hold..

    Yes I agree, it has been very hard these past two years. I need this to be over soon as I'm due to get married in Sept. I have already had to put the wedding off last year so really could do with knowing once and for all now! I can't see it being much longer now till we get an email with some news.
  8. Merseyside on Hold..

    It's gone very very quiet hasn't it?
  9. Merseyside on Hold..

    Or they could do it off assessment centre results.
  10. Merseyside on Hold.. Well the main man himself says he is hopeful they will get new blood into the force by the end of the year!
  11. Merseyside on Hold..

    Has anyone transferred over to the Port Of Liverpool Police? To be honest I never knew they existed.
  12. Merseyside on Hold..

    Yes I understand that, but at least it's 2.5m they have got back. It's better than being 2.5m down. You never know, that money could be the difference of getting some officers through or not
  13. Merseyside on Hold.. Surly this can only be good news for us?
  14. Merseyside on Hold..

    How nice would it be for an email today saying they are lifting the freeze? That would be a very nice Xmas present