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  1. Sudden death

    My first one was in training, Doing an exercise in the town centre about 11 weeks in. MoP came up to me saying they were trying to get hold of their Dad who lived above a shop and there was no answer and this was heavily out of character. Called my Training sarge and we forced entry and he had died in his sleep the night before. No smell or anything nasty. We got local units up then to do the paperwork. Had a few smelly ones. One which kept making noise on the mattress it was on. Another which was farting. When you are with the family it is nothing but the up most respect for the deceased and to make sure that they know procedure. The worst bit is just a head to toe search to check for any obvious signs of foul play. In my force the shift sarge will attend as a matter of course. Every one is different, but most of them are recently deceased and just look like a wax work you expect to see in a museum. The worse ones tend to be few and far between.