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  1. Alpha pension scheme

    It is basically calculated as an average of earnings over your career. You can commute some of this figure to receive a lump sum.
  2. Base Accommodation Advice

    Vulcan will be the cheapest.
  3. Mdp Fitness Test

    It is still 5.7 for existing Officers, I would think it is 7.6 for new starts. I suspect it will rise in the future to 7.6 for everyone at some point.
  4. New Member.

    Greenock is south of Glasgow ?????
  5. St Fergus,vulcan And Garlogie.

    Always willing to be corrected
  6. St Fergus,vulcan And Garlogie.

    No dog handlers at these stations
  7. Getting Out Of Awe?

    How long is a piece of string? It will be down to what vacancies are available at that time. Their is nothing stopping you applying.
  8. Medical

    Are we still talking about medicals there 😊
  9. NEOFs

    On the Clyde Group we had a large intake of Recruits and NEOFs last year. Although I never second guess the decision makers in this job I would find it hard to see were the shortfall is. The CMU were looking for new Officers but that has gone quiet, I would think that it really is unlikely that the CMU would take NEOFs directly as I do know that there are still people on the waiting list after assessment.
  10. NEOFs

    As it stands at the moment there are little if any requirements for NEOFs in the Clyde Group. You are probably 12 months late in applying. Vulcan or St Fergus would be likely be the only options available to you in Scotland.
  11. Starting Training

    If you bring your own tv also. Yes you finish early on a friday. You should be in the ensuite rooms or allocated a house.
  12. Armed Support Vehicle Officer

    At the moment no difference in the bleep test. It depends which station your are assigned. If at a CNI site all officers SHOULD attain it. Elsewhere numbers may be limited dependent on station tasks i.e. some have patrols some havn't.
  13. Application timescale

    Congratulations, heard today that St Fergus may be inline for an additional payment. So all the better for you.
  14. Application timescale

    Depends on where you are or whether you are willing to move anywhere.
  15. NEOFs

    I haven't heard that myself. But saying that I wouldn't be suprised if they stop taking NEOFs for the Clyde Group for now at least. Would be suprised for the rest of the country though.