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  1. There is to be a three year consultation. But I have said it time and time again on here never second guess politicians.
  2. I haven't heard this being raised again. I will though say that the cost implication for the changes in equipment alone particularly with budgets being cut make it still not viable for now.
  3. Good luck will be there myself for 2 weeks later in the month.
  4. Pass on my welcome. Where is her first posting?
  5. Civil service sports and social club
  6. You can tell who the Probationers are, they haven't been issued their moustaches yet :)
  7. Yellow and green one for pay
  8. Your were/should have been classed as a reservist till your 12 year point whether you liked it or not (this was called colour service). My years were transferred in also and I completed less than six.
  9. It is alternate earlies, nights. Each group will be the same such as 2 x earlies 2 x off three nights and so on. Coulport is the quieter of the big two within the Clyde Group. If there is anything specific you would like to know you can message me and will try and answer or find out for you. Argonath is a good source also.
  10. Always willing to help when we can.
  11. High langadeb, we are currently still in receipt of the full competence threshold payment. It is though going by 2016. Although our TACOS review is still ongoing at this time we should therefore receive the unsociable shift allowance. The MOD will try to have their cake and eat it as they have withheld our 1% pay rise to maintain parity with HO Forces. If they maintain this stance we should receive that pay award and allowance.
  12. The accomodation is being upgraded to en-suite I have been told and I would think that this is were you would be placed. On my recruits course we had a lad from Newcastle and he travelled up on the Friday (your usually away for midday) and returned on the Sunday evening/night.
  13. We have a friend who left with her husband from CoP and the Met to join WA. She used to tell both my wife and I to do the same but has recently told us not to do it. She was very negative about the way they are treated and they appear to have the same morale problems as the UK. The only plus she still goes on about is the weather. Something to think about.