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  1. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    First day was fine. Roll on tulliallan
  2. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    I'm staying at police station or they are providing digs for some of us I believe. I sent the form away but never heard anything back so I hope we have accommodation haha! I'm currently holed up in hotel at the moment. Nelson street isn't too far away which is a bonus! Still don't know wether to take my bag down in morning or not! I wish I was staying with a friend this week! That is do handy! Staying at station I imagine is going to feel a bit weird.
  3. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    My bag is packed and it looks like I'm going away for about 6 months. On top of my 2 pairs of trainers, boots, shoes, clothes, suit, paperwork, toiletries etc I'm needing nothing short of a miracle to carry this bag and its a BIG bag. On another note at least it's D-Day tomorrow and we can get stuck in. I'm glad I'm not taking the car up as parking is a nightmare but on another note I don't want to be only one turning up with a bag that resembles me going out of the country for 6 months.
  4. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    What do you take in with you first thing Monday morning? Im staying at Nelson Street but dont want to take everything in first thing! I'm taking my car so was just going to leave the rest in it untill the end of the day. Whats the best thing to do? I'm just taking my stuff with me to Nelson Street as I'm getting the train up and I will have nowhere to put my bag! Won't be able to leave it at the hotel either. Not big deal. Just hope we get sorted with rooms before we start the day off.
  5. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    Happy new year Jenni. Looking forward to meeting the rest of new starts on monday as well. Should be a fun and hopefully not too an intense week. Do you feel you have everything sorted? I feel pretty unprepared due to work commitments and other stuff but hopeing to get everything last minute which is not ideal but will have to do. Just want to get started. Been a long wait as most know. All the best when starting.
  6. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    I'm not bothered about the fitness in the slightest. Generally fit as it is. Which is a bonus. Staying at Premier Inn. About 0.3 miles away from Nelson street which isn't too far too walk in the morning. Aberdeenshire will be fine. Think most areas will be busy. Wish had few days to rest until monday but not to be. Straight into it.
  7. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    Yes I put Aberdeen as preferred destination so I'm happy I got it! What about you? Happy with Aberdeenshire ? Not long now eh! I finish work on 5th January and staying the night up in Aberdeen on Sunday and busy in between so feel like I'm not really prepared or had time to think about things which could be a good thing. You been doing any fitness work or that?
  8. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    yeh Aberdeen. u?
  9. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    You too mate. Tough process as most know. Yes I sent form away to stay up in Aberdeen mon-fri. What about yourself?
  10. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Sorry for late reply. I applied back in june this year. Never heard a word for 2 months then got a letter inviting me to initial interview and fitness. Once i had passed that i got invited for final interview about 2 weeks later. I got told about 3-4 days after my interview that i had passed. Then came the dreaded vetting. Took 7 weeks for me to find out if i had passed but all was well and i am on the january 14th intake at Tulliallan. 7th january is the induction day up in Aberdeen. Good Luck if you are going through the process.
  11. Tulliallan January 2013 intake

    I also start with Grampian in january. Got induction on 7th January so know doubt see you there.
  12. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Hi, I applied back in June and just heard passed my medical so just waiting to hear if vetting has been passed and hopefully get a start date. Initial interview is fine.just make sure you know about the force and have answers on core competencies. Make sure you are fit. No point Even applying if you think you won't pass fitness test. I found final interview hard but prepared weeks on end for it so felt prepared but was still tough interview. I think there's an intake at tulliallen on 7th January 13' so a few will be on that. Good luck to everyone going through the process. Only advice I would give is be prepared.
  13. Grampian initial interview

    i have my interview on the 30th august. Next thursday. I'm a special with Tayside just now so im hoping that stands me in good stead but its how you perform on the day and if your 'face fits'!! The interview will ask questions about the force and your application in general and bases it on core competencies. I have applied twice before and failed twice so i have a rough idea what im going into but that still doesnt stop the nerves. Good luck to who are attending on the friday!