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  1. I realise boots have been done to death, but most of the threads are either a couple of years old, or asking "what is the best boot" and everyone gives their preference! Im currently training to be a Special Constable, and so this will be my first pair of boots. I might be over thinking it, but I'd quite like them for long term for a potential full time career. Having had a preliminary look I was wondering Does only the toe cap have to be leather? (in order to be polished) Does the zip on some boots actually help? Does it reduce the amount of support it gives? What is the general consensus on 4 or 6 or 8 inch boots? Four looks like it would be the most trainer like, therefore quite good for running, but lacking in protection and support. Brand wise, I've looked at Altbergs (Either the peacekeeper1 or the sneaker), the Danner strikers, Magnum Classic/Panther/Stealth/Spider and some others which are saved on my Dad's computer for the meantime. Obviously with no operational experience it's hard to know what to expect and therefore want in boots. I'm a big fan of running and have heard the spider is like a trainer in that regard, but like I said, not sure what is best for a day to day shift. Many thanks for your time!
  2. formula
  3. Very true Anna, in video i linked the police were so polite, not that it helped them with that moron, but still just so polite. Not that it helps with the level of abuse they get!
  4. Its true that at every protest there is always cases of "police brutality" or "assault" whereas the yobs throwing bricks and bottles arent guilty of anything. Then everyone jumps on band wagon. Just look at the Bristol riots, even the MP criticised police for doing their job. Whilst its true American police have more power when it comes to force, i think perhaps they have too much/over use it. They seem to have a general reputation of being quite heavy handed, and gathering what i've seen on internet, they dont have any more respect than british police get given. Probably want to find a middle ground between what we have now and what they have. That being said, i've never had to stand in front of hundreds of drunk hooligans before!
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  6. Not sure how clear my first post was, sorry! I completely understand why it was done, it seems common sense, but was just asking everyone on here how they thought the policing went for the event :)
  7. Not sure for specials since it might be quite an expensive invest for fewer hours than regulars. But in my uninformed opinion, regulars should be taser trained and equipped. I think there was a trialling period for this, to find out if it would be beneficial but not sure of results of that.
  8. Whilst i might not agree with the government there, they do have something right in coming down so hard on this. The video just shows pure cold blooded murder, and our ludicrously soft sentencing laws wouldn't have punished these nearly enough.
  9. Found a story on the guardian website about pre-emptive arrests on some protesters who were going to behead an effigy of Prince Andrew and were arrested for "suspicion of conspiracy to cause public nuisance and breach of the peace." What's just amazing is on the video footage of arrest, the filmer just puts uncalled for pressure on the police officers doing their job excellently. (Perhaps not surprising to you guys) I was just surprised by how many people managed to make some genius link to the police being like nazis or the SS on the youtube video. Dont understand why people in this country cant support the police, never praising only criticizing. What does everyone here think about the policing in this event and also in general for the wedding?