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  1. Anyone transferred to CNC?

    I was a new starter but I believe there's a 2 week course for CNC specific learning, plus the 7 or 8 week firearms course. Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  2. cnc pay drop?

    I've not heard anything mentioned to say we'd adopt the new HO scale so as it stands its the "old" scale starting at 23 odd grand for training then 25 odd after graduation
  3. CNC 2013

    Phone HR on Monday and ask. They're terrible at letting people know, and they've probably already got the results
  4. Glad to hear your first week was good. Give me a PM if you want any info on how it goes on. Obviously not what to expect in exams etc!
  5. New Starter. . . dress/parade shoes ?

    Just a point, if you're going to end up wearing them on site and not just for graduation.. They need to be steel/composite toes for safety.
  6. cnc pay drop?

    Probably not. We're not bound by these changes although it could still happen. I've not heard anything but you're best off ringing HR for (today's) definitive answer.
  7. CNC for 2013

    Not everyone has come with policing experience so I wouldn't worry about that. Training starts with the assumption you don't know anything. At the minute for the people waiting on start dates, I think it's a case of waiting for a course for a particular unit. And I've heard that once the smaller units are filled, any future recruitment would mean going to Sellafield. If that is the case, the possibility of a transfer would be slim as the other units should be full. But in the world of the CNC anything can change at the drop of a hat.
  8. New Starter. . . dress/parade shoes ?

    Yorky, a 2nd pair is a good idea for CNC too as they can get trashed through firearms training. I only had one pair and mine were ok, a few little chunks came out of the toes though.
  9. BTP 2013 intake

    Altbergs aren't necessarily the bees knees. The model I've been issued with (from the CNC) are quite rigid so I'd try and get something with good cushioning if you're going to be walking a lot. 'Original SWAT' available from Gladstone Boots are pretty good and comfortable and a reasonable price
  10. CNC swatting up.

    There's no need for any swatting up really, you're taught what you need when you get there. If you like, have a read of the Energy Act 2004 s52-59 (I think!)
  11. Fitness and Firearms - 22nd

    It's just one beep, no count down to it. If you go on the NPIA website I'm sure you can download the official one
  12. CNC NPIA Centre!

    I can't remember exactly... Maybe 8? 10?
  13. CNC fire arms

    Majority who have failed on the course have had another chance on another course. Some have passed and others haven't.
  14. CNC NPIA Centre!

    I had a couple of people from other forces in my little group. But was mainly CNC.
  15. CNC fire arms

    Do you mean the firearms assessment on the fitness test day?