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  1. To all people that fail the paper sift, normally at the competencies section, use the feed back if you get some, and maybe get a book or go on a course such as How to become, or talking the blues. They can be expensive, but they really breakdown the process and help you see what you need to include for compentency questions (they DO NOT answer the questions for you) but if you listen to what their telling you then you'll be in a much better position when you re-apply. Keep at it everyone :)
  2. MOD Police AFO Medical requirement question

    [Poquote name=operationfirestorm" post="569993" timestamp="1382867204] Sorry to hear that friend! i know what the feeling is like, took me a few days to even believe it. I was offered the immigration job couple days after failing my final interview. Although still have to wait to see if i clear pre employment checks so not 100% yet for me. I am deaf in left ear so i cannot work for MOD Police, i have emailed all my neighboring forces and awaiting communicOooation back from them, i am also going to apply to NCA too as i am not going to sit back and relax just yet as if immigration come back and cannot clear me then I do not want to have no options. What you going to do now? when did you hear back? are you allowed feedback as i asked and i should get some this week. Feedback and knowing where one fails is important as i would want to work on the weaker parts of my interview answers. I think i did not get in as my assessment score was low only 57% Hello mate, I did get feed back verbally by phone, I intend to go to a southern CNC site if one comes up, if not i'll stick to my IT career. I was told my interview was very good and I scored highly but just not quite high enough.....GREAT lol I scored a 70% at the A/C but if I had to attend another one I know I can pass it, as I passed the last one with a nasty cold. I am still positive about getting in as i'm the guy that takes a knock, gets up, dusts off my coat and keeps going (like that scene from Blues brothers when the hotel blows up lol) that me know what career you end up going for my friend :)
  3. MOD Police AFO Medical requirement question

    quote name="operationfirestorm" post="569968" timestamp="1382798943"] yes TVP but failed the final interview. Ah I just failed at same stage for.Suffolk. Mdp are recruiting, but i'd also look at the cnc as well.
  4. Suffolk A/C results

    Hey guys and girls, I got my results today.... FAILED lol I was too short in my presentation and needed to give more "Specials" examples. Got a hight score but not enough to be offerred a PC role, and i told HR i couldn't accept a PCSO role due to the wage scarifice. To all those people with interview coming up, i have my fingers crossed for all of you! : ) Good luck
  5. Suffolk A/C results

    I had my final interview today, the staff at HQ were brilliant at keeping the nerves low. The interview itself was tough. Got to wait till MOnday to hear....fingers crossed!
  6. Suffolk A/C results

    I have arranged an appointment with my GP next Wednesday to have check up and hand forms in :)
  7. Suffolk 2013 recruitment

    Got a email today - interview is in 2 weeks, cool time to start preping :)
  8. Suffolk A/C results

    Got a email today - interview is in 2 weeks. Cool, time to start preping :)
  9. MOD Police Recruitment

    Hello Idaho, At 29 i think your age will be a bonus, young enough for a full career. Old enough to have had some "life expirence" Don't worry about it :)
  10. Suffolk A/C results

    I rung HR last week to ask if the interview was coming up next, or Medical/Fitness, they said they would email me that afternoon....I'm still waiting lol i will ring if i do not get a reply after 7 days has gone by.....
  11. Suffolk A/C results

    Ahhhhh that all just fell in to place :) thanks Strider Cabbage
  12. The Six Month Rule

    I havebeen told by Suffolk recuitment team that if you fail at the final interview stage you can not apply to that force again for 6 months (in my case Suffolk) however I could the apply to any other force that was recuiting as the final inter failure is only applicable to the one force yku are applying to, and it doesn't make your NPIA search assessment result void. Hope this helps :)
  13. Suffolk A/C results

    Ok I am getting really confused now.....i spoke to HR today, andd they told me " if I fail at the interview stage, then I will still be able to apply to another force I.e. Essex Police straight away and it does not effect my NPIA assessment, this will still be active" I was told that I " would be barred from applying to SUFFOLK POLICE ONLY for the 6 months" as it was their interview.....i am now 100% confused lol Were your interview and re-application both for Suffolk? If so this does tie in with what Suffolk HR me...... Big congratulations :)
  14. Suffolk A/C results

    Hey Strider, Sorry to hear about your interview, if you can answer this question I think you will put alot of our minds at rest. Did failing the interview mean your were subjuct to the normal 6month hold and your NPIA assessment made void??