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  1. Obviously I can't give specifics about the day as it is prohibited but in general I would say the following: - Practice your interview answers as much as you can and make sure they last the right amount of time - Get sharp with your psychometric testing - Get family members to act in role play scenarios
  2. So I went on shift on Friday night, open my e-mails and there it is..... You have been SUCCESSFUL! The e-mail that will change my life in so many ways..so happy!
  3. Really don't know how I did, didn't feel like the interviewer was making any notes or ticking any boxes, struggled to build a rapport. Some role plays went well, others not so well and on reflection I wish I'd said other things at time but then I think most probably feel like that. I was generally happy with the written tests, numerical and verbal reasoning. Really don't know if I have passed, I know I will have looked confident and communicated well but I worry about the content. Feel like I waffled in my interview...
  4. Well, it's the big A/C day tomorrow. Wish me luck people!
  5. Also don't be fooled in to thinking you will join and go straight to working with the dogs etc. Your post is puzzling to me but then again after getting a 1st in my degree I'm actually volunteering for Crimestoppers and as a Special to see if the Police is what I thought it would be. I'm glad to say it is and I have my A/C for regs soon :)
  6. Much to learn for all. Us want to be Officers probably look at the job through rose tinted spectacles...however I fully agree with Railrod. I have a first class honours degree and see no where near a Police salary. The only way I will get a pay-rise is through a promotion. I have to drive 100 miles each day just to get to my job and back in this horrible economic climate, spending about £350 a month on travel. I also have to take exams every few months and if I fail them then it's bye bye job. It was either that or accept a job on 16k closer to home. On top of this I do volunteer work just to help my applications to get one of your jobs :) Police Officers can join on the back of no specific qualifications and are trained specifically to do a job which in a few years sees them on £30k. Police Officers are extremely well rewarded for their work, fact. Their pension contributions are incredibly generous too in comparrison to other jobs, fact. I have sympathy for anyone looking to leave and fully appreciate the job must be extremely demanding but the outside world can be just as tough and mentally distressing for different reasons. To me I quite like the idea of talking to people, being on my feet and protecting my community, I'm sure there are bad days and good days. I would certainly prefer to be doing that then preparing a report to my Manager with him watching me like a hawk all day. An office chair can be like a ball and chain, objectoves can be long and slow and work can be unfulfiling and unclear. At least in the Police you have more autonomy to get out there and do what you need to. I join as a Special in October so I guess I'll get to see more of the job. All I'm saying is value what you have. I'm making sure I make the most of this recruitment freeze to build up as much experience as I can in another area. It sounds like too many people sign up to the job not knowing what the work will be like, perhaps Specials really should be a must before joining.
  7. Well done on your progress so far, I guess the key bit will come after the final interview as that is commonly when your vetting will begin. Good luck!
  8. You just forgot 4 hours in a cell??? Basically you were busted and rightly so.
  9. Not sure what Sykes is getting at...applying to different roles will not make you fail vetting. If your personal situation has changed this could have affected things. I would call the vetting officer and ask for an explanation, he may or may not be able to tell you.
  10. That's absolutely fine. Check the NPIA guidlines but generally they are considered with substantial debt, often which has led to CCJs or bankruptcy. Loads of people have defaulted on bills one month or another, getting preparing for your interview :)
  11. Again, define semi-regular? Having regular contact with a criminal is something which could easily fail your application. Not advisable for PCs to socialise with convicted sex offenders. I would speak to the force vetting team and write an accurate letter of circumstances which should include the level of contact your husband has with your father. Better to be helpful than nice, sorry.
  12. No offence but did you really forget? In all honesty common assault is pretty bad and definitely something which I would imagine will halt your application. It will look worse now you have failed to declare it too. How long ago was all this? Also criminal records within your family may be considered in vetting but consideration may be taken in to account of your contact with them. For example if some random family member who you havn't seen for 10 years has one this might be less important than if you live with a crim. Sounds cliche but you just have to write down what has happened....don't think they will miss your common assault charge though.....better to find out if and when they might consider you after such a crime was commited.
  13. I passed! Scored really highly, 80% and 85% on the paper exercises but as I thought my interview didn't go well, still passed it mind. Passed my fitness too but found the push/pull much harder than expected, is there a good technique for this? Final medical this month and hopefully start training in October!
  14. I ended up answering my first question with an example I meant to use for another competency! Doh! Anyway I collected my thoughts after 30 seconds and started over. I hope she appreciated my nerves and after that I was fine. I was tempted just to carry on and blag but once I'd made the mistake I thought it best to start over. Was it the right decision, who knows???
  15. Hi guys, I have my Specials assessment centre at end of Feb and just wanted some advice. I will be doing a competency interview, situational judgement test and another written exercise. In the letter they have said the interview will test me on four competencies, the same ones as on my application form. Should I just remember these? Cheers for all your help!