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  1. PC or Immigration Enforcement Officer?

    fairplay but I don't know why you would choose that over a PC, it is inherently more difficult to get in as a PC so why not get your police experience and then move across if you decide it isn't for you.
  2. Yes, I've done it!

    After 3 years of applying, becoming a Special, additional volunteering and travelling back to the force area I want to join 120 miles each way every weekend I'm delighted that next month I will realise my goal of becoming a PC! All I can say to anyone trying to get in is don't let people/things stop you, commit to a force you want to join and do what has to be done and give it your all. So happy! Good luck to all of you!
  3. How will Windsor's Report affect me joining? Help?

    Apparently we will be on £19k for the full 2 years unless we have independant status, bit dissapointing but meh. Found out I got 71% in my A/C :)
  4. How will Windsor's Report affect me joining? Help?

    not even a rise up from the £19k?
  5. How will Windsor's Report affect me joining? Help?

    Thanks guys, I'm assuming though that either way after 6 months I would be up to £22k? They couldn't just keep me on £19k for 2 years could they? It seems Leicestershire's criteria is very tough as like I say I'm already a Special, also have a degree and experience with Crimestoppers voluntary work. Is it worth putting any of this to them for further consideration? The key thing is not being stuck on £19k for 2 years, that would really hurt.
  6. Hi guys, I potentially will be starting with Leicestershire at the end of this year. I called them the other day and basically they said if you have served 18 months as a Special and have IPS you will start on a higher salary. As I have only served 9 months as a Special and do not have IPS I would be on £19k. The person in HR seemed unsure but thought I would be on £19,000 for 2 years. Few questions: - I'm not sure exactly what the higher starting salary is, did Windor's £21k suggestion get accepted? - Does each force have discretion as to who, criteria wise starts on the higher salary? - Would I really stuck on £19k for 2 years? I thought Police pay was nationally governed. Even windsor says new recruits should move off that after 6 months. If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. I have read the report but it is good to try and clarify points.
  7. Tips For Assessment Day

    Obviously I can't give specifics about the day as it is prohibited but in general I would say the following: - Practice your interview answers as much as you can and make sure they last the right amount of time - Get sharp with your psychometric testing - Get family members to act in role play scenarios
  8. Tips For Assessment Day

    So I went on shift on Friday night, open my e-mails and there it is..... You have been SUCCESSFUL! The e-mail that will change my life in so many ways..so happy!
  9. Tips For Assessment Day

    Really don't know how I did, didn't feel like the interviewer was making any notes or ticking any boxes, struggled to build a rapport. Some role plays went well, others not so well and on reflection I wish I'd said other things at time but then I think most probably feel like that. I was generally happy with the written tests, numerical and verbal reasoning. Really don't know if I have passed, I know I will have looked confident and communicated well but I worry about the content. Feel like I waffled in my interview...
  10. Tips For Assessment Day

    Well, it's the big A/C day tomorrow. Wish me luck people!
  11. A few questions

    you'll also have to attend a training course at the begining. Our in Leicestershire was from Oct-March every Thursday night and every other weekend, both days. Some forces take a less stringent approach but either way I would say really look in to this now as it is a lot harder when working. In your first year especially many of your mates will be going out and getting smashed, you could be using your spare time building your career.
  12. Westhire Centre A/C Timing Roleplay advice?

    Jules I like your idea of running through some roleplay type scenarios, then seeing how long I took. Do people tend to just "get a feeling" for when 5 mins is running close so they know to start concluding and recomending action etc or did people have a glance at a watch?
  13. Hi guys, I'm due in a few weeks/month to attend the Westhire Centre A/C at Ryton. I'm concerned as I know the roleplays are timed to 5 minutes however I have heard rumours that you can not wear a watch. I'm finidng it very difficult to plan for 5mins worth of questions and I really don't want to reach that awkward point where you just sit there for 2 mins waiting for the 5 mins to attend. Does anyone have any advice? Do people use watches?
  14. A few questions

    I think if you want it enough you find the time. I drive 110 miles home every other week to meet my Special commitments as I know it is only chance I have of getting a Regs app when they are available. I also had a part-time job in a shop at Uni and got a 1st. All students at Uni have loads of time to doss around and if there was ever a time to be a Special it would be then.
  15. Leicestershire Internal A/C Advice

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any advice for keeping track of time in the A/C? Are watches allowed in? I'm worried because I am practicing role plays and interviews and 5 minutes sometimes seems so long and I need to make sure I don't sell myself short.