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  1. Met Direct Entry To Superintendent Scheme

    It's not just the Super's. Some other forces have also opened up for direct entry at the rank of Inspector.
  2. Met Direct Entry To Superintendent Scheme

    Extension of detention times...surveillance authorisations etc? That all comes down to the Supt. I suppose however they could always designate these powers.
  3. MET - April intake

    The two year probationary period is spent on SNT/LPT. After that it's anybody's guess maybe we will be given the choice to divert to response or forced on to either depending on requirements.
  4. MET - April intake

    The housing provider for Charing Cross Hospital is a company called A2Dominion if you google them it will be bring you to their website where it is pretty straight forward. Just look for the key worker housing.
  5. MET - April intake

    Thanks for setting the group up thunderhawk. I found it fine from searching for the name.
  6. MET - April intake

    I think the March intake managed to set up some kind of private Facebook group for their intake to arrange a meet up prior to their start. Is anyone of the technical know how to create such a group ?
  7. MET - April intake

    Fair dos. As if they made you select them at day 2?! The borough preference form was in my Day 2 invite pack so I had a few weeks to mull it over and then fill it in before attending. At least your happy with the ones you chose.
  8. MET - April intake

    Ealing and Hillingdon.
  9. MET - April intake

    Why did you randomly select them on your day 2?
  10. It obviously comes down to your personal circumstances but the Civil Nuclear Constabulary are currently recruiting if that floats your boat? Perhaps they have different attitudes and practices in terms of firearms assessments. They are currently recruiting for AFO PC's at: Dounreay, Sizewell, Hunterston, Dungeness, Hinkley Point, Torness, Sellafield and throughout the UK. I'm fairly sure they have a transferee process.
  11. MET - April intake

    I put that area down as my second preference. I'd say there is still a high chance of me going to one of those boroughs though as they have bigger staffing requirements. In fact Westminster (CW) has three times the number of officers than some of the outer boroughs.
  12. MET - April intake

    I'd be up for it, you native Londoners can teach me the lingo over a few drinks Not long until those pesky RTC and borough allocation emails too!
  13. MET - April intake

    Further to the above post from LfbLfb: I'm also staying at Charing Cross and will be moving around the 25th April, let me know if your thinking of staying there or if anyone wants to meet prior to 28th.
  14. COLP Recruitment 2014

    When I was at Ryton it was an 0800 start if I recall, we sat the first exercise at 0845 after an introduction and briefing and we were finished by about 1445 after a debriefing. Take some portable food with you such as a cereal bar and some fruit, it really helps keep the energy levels going for the afternoon exercises and as you won't get a proper break.
  15. COLP Recruitment 2014

    I can recommend the Travelodge at Binley, Coventry. I stayed there for an overnight stay last spring before an assessment centre at Ryton. It's a few miles drive over to the centre in the morning but it's nice to have a few minutes to collect your thoughts before arriving. There's places for food nearby the hotel and I had a surprisingly refreshing sleep considering the stress I was about to endure.