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  1. Hi! I was a PCSO for 5 years so have a little experience, I'm just totally bemused by the amount of things to learn, our initial training has been 7 weeks and it's very rushed so I am feeling a little out my depth at the moment! I got to Brighton PDU on August 18th, I just don't want to be useless ha ha! We are there for 5 weeks then out to section to continue....gulp!
  2. I am a couple of weeks away from going to my PDU and wondered if anybody has any words of wisdom? My current training has been fast and very condensed and I'm pooping it to be honest! Did you feel ready? How were your trainers? Any advice? Thanks all.
  3. Training/PDU
  4. My fears exactly. Thanks for the reply, strange how nobody has started a thread on recruitment re-opening.
  5. Hi there, I recently got my invite to attend an interview after passing two assessment centres way back in 2010 (then was cancelled due to financial situation) as the force are now taking on a 'small number' of officers in 2014. I am overjoyed to get the second chance after all that hard work three years ago, however I am aware of the financial restraints that have come into force since then around the country. The real question I have (as I cannot find any information on the subject) is that old issue about the free train travel....I live in Brighton and as much as I want to do the job (currently 4 years served as pcso) I am not willing to financially cripple myself on top of all the travelling to be honest. I have a partner now so moving is not an option unfortuntely :-( I need to see if I could financially cope should i be succesful so any help would be much appreciated. Are there any current serving officers that can shed any light on this subject for me? Many thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Hi im based at Sussex, is that sussex you have heard about recruitment? I have now decided to stay put in my current role as i dont want to take the paycut. I just wish Sussex would be like the Met and recruit from us PCSOs and specials (they have not gone public with any plans) so im holding out for this. I know Sussex have a waiting list of 100 people ready to start when recruitment opens so will be a couple of years i think
  7. Hi all, just wondered if anybody has applied for the above which is closing on 19/02/12? I have recently left my PCSO role of three years to another staff role in order to attempt to get into specials (conflict of interest) and use the next few years gaining experience of arrests etc in the hope it will benefiticial to me for when them doors open again :-/ I had a start date scrapped in the cuts back in 2010 for city of london force, so i am hoping this will be the right decision for myself to progress and expand my knowledge. maybe we could use this thread as an update page to keep one another in the loop? good luck to anybody applying!