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  1. GMP just advertised to recruit from internal only candidates (specials and staff). There are also quite a few rumours of voluntary redundancy for officers with 8-15 years in. I'm guessing that the plan is to replace some officers with lower paid recruits and less expensive pensions. At the same time staff can be redeployed into posts that are made vacant from those recruited as PC's.
  2. I feel almost exactly the same mate. Right now for example, my shift starts in less than 2 hours and I am dreading it. There is no reason for it but every day I just dread going into work. I am sick of getting shafted and dealing with the idiots that make up the majority of calls to the police. I am on response but I can't move anywhere else as there are no lateral moves anymore thanks to the cuts. Can't get attachments anywhere either due to low numbers on the shift and I don't fancy promotion but even if I did the amount in the system ahead of me is staggering. The pay and conditions have deteriorated with everything picked away by the government to make the job worse, which I accepted until the pensions went and I realised that whereas after my 5th year (this year) I would have 30 years left, I will now have at least 35 to do so I feel like I'm back at square one and it just makes me feel worse. I have a house and a couple of debts too so just leaving isn't really an option either but there are days when I feel so low that I just don't care anymore.
  3. I've gone for a pair of the SWAT boots. I liked the air cushion idea and the side zip.
  4. Cheers for the suggestions guys! :)
  5. Sounds an interesting idea.
  6. Howdy!
  7. Yeah, me too!
  8. That sounds interesting. Do you have any advice for someone applying for that kind of job?
  9. I currently have a pair of Lowa Mountain GTX boots that I have used for work since before I joined the job nearly 5 years ago. I've looked after them well and they are still quite functional but they are starting to look tatty really. I really need to get myself a new pair of boots but as I my finances are stretched a little after I bought myself my first house the average £140 price tag seems quite steep. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cheaper alternative?
  10. Yeah I do that shift. The 5 earlies are split into 4 normal shifts and a training day at the end.
  11. The government should definately introduce this. I've just spent the last 2 weekends on a town centre stopping fights and locking up between 3 and 6am! It's the worst time in the town centre but the designated officers for that finish at 3am! It's bloody stupid. Either go back to licensing and make the bars close at or before 3 or make them pay for officers to cover the peak time. I still have nightmares of 100 people spilling out of a nightclub a few years ago and starting a fight with just 4 of us in the middle...at 6.30 in the bloody morning!
  12. What I don't get is that the Americans have been working with their own type of MDTs without the issues that we have had for decades.
  13. I wish that I could have a laptop at work to do statements on soooo much! I keep running out of ink!
  14. Technical Middle Class
  15. One of the councils in my force has issued iPads to the binmen (yes binmen) To help them do their job more efficiently. Police don't have a hope in getting any decent technology. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-14718065