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  1. I'm a response officer with a HO force and I'm looking for a change. There are a few jobs available at the moment with the NCA. Has anyone any knowledge of them and what they're like to work for, pay, shifts, day to day work etc and has anyone joined them from the police? Thanks
  2. BTP Now Taking Transferee's

    I'm at GMP at the moment mate.
  3. BTP Now Taking Transferee's

    Southampton. I have some family in nearby Eastleigh so I'd know some people down there.
  4. BTP Now Taking Transferee's

    Cheers mate. Gonna look at putting an app in I think
  5. BTP Now Taking Transferee's

    I might just put in for that. Anyone know what BTP is like to work for?
  6. firearms cameras

    What a good idea
  7. Me too!Anyone know if there is a deadline for forms to be returned?
  8. Cheers for that mate. Like the sound of those shifts. Our custody teams work the same and we want them on response but the bosses don't want us on em.
  9. Cheers. I would really like to apply and I've asked for a form but I think that it might be too expensive to move, plus I'd have to sell up which is always difficult but there are always options. Do you know what the shifts are at the moment?
  10. For those in MDP, what do people do about living near the AWE? A quick look on right move doesn't look like there is much at all in that area and what is there isn't cheap at all. I know that there is a long way to go but it can't do any harm to start looking into these things.
  11. Great news. Think i'll be applying for that then!
  12. GMP just advertised to recruit from internal only candidates (specials and staff). There are also quite a few rumours of voluntary redundancy for officers with 8-15 years in. I'm guessing that the plan is to replace some officers with lower paid recruits and less expensive pensions. At the same time staff can be redeployed into posts that are made vacant from those recruited as PC's.
  13. Am about to transfer to MPS but don't like what I see

    If it was me I'd stay with BTP. It's one of the forces I'd like to transfer to if they ever open spots at Manchester Piccadilly.
  14. Does anyone know if they will accept transferees from HO forces?