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  1. Meditate, I take it you are a nurse so I'll base my example around that. You're at work and a patient dies. No longer will the Doctor certify death, the body be removed and you go back to work. From now on you will be separated from your colleagues. A team from the IMCC will arrive and begin to investigate the death. Their aim is to prove you were negligent or did a criminal or disciplinary act which led to your patient's death. They will seize your uniform. They will keep you separated from your colleagues until you have provided a detailed account of what happened supervised by them. Then, and only then will you be allowed to return home (did I mention the death occurred 11 3/4 hours into your 12 1/2 hour shift and it takes 3-4 hours for the IMCC to arrive and be in a position to take your account?). You are barred from speaking about the death with your colleagues. The IMCC will conduct follow up enquiries. They will compel you to be interviewed on tape and demand answers to 200+ questions about minute details which you have missed out of your statement. How do you feel about that? Sound like a great plan? Make you feel trusted by people? Or does it make you feel like you're a criminal, but with less rights? Personally, I've got a life. I stand to achieve nothing by killing someone. I have no motivation for doing so and certainly no criminal intent. I am however in a position where I'm more likely to need to defend myself than the vast majority of the population. Circumstances may place me in a position where I believe I need to do that (hypothetically) but I've certainly not gone out of my way to be there to do the deed specifically. I appreciate the need for the police to be held to account for their actions and use of force but this places a veil of suspicion beyond that provided to witnesses. If a private witness doesn't wish to provide a statement then that is their prerogative. That option, which you seem to have glossed over is not available to police witnesses.
  2. Conspiring to commit a public nuisance contrary to common law?
  3. Didn't we used to have Magistrates courts attached to police stations...
  4. Proper Police Work

    Long hot summer of 2005. First on scene at a murder, suspect still there. Easiest body I ever had.
  5. non lethal options in riots

    I'd get used to the 'wearing a big hat and a yellow coat' tactic
  6. Living Arrangements

    Plus you might get posted somewhere which you either really wouldn't want to live or really couldn't afford to live.
  7. non lethal options in riots

    That is a feature on them. They can produce a mist of misery!
  8. non lethal options in riots

    The Google is not strong in this one. A simple search would uncover the unclassified documents relating to the public order menu of tactical options.
  9. I'd be amazed if you could get grot on a job nokia. I'd be more amazed that PCs on the DPG got issued job mobiles and even more amazed if they're worth the Home Secretary warranting an intercept on their phone just because they're in the DPG.
  10. Morale in the Met

    Nope, just find it peculiar that you're calling yourself something that you're not. If you pass the Regular Commissions Board you can't start calling yourself 2nd Lieutenant Officer7161 until you've been commissioned. Likewise, you aren't a Police Constable until you've sworn the oath of office. I don't have any aspirations to 'catch you out' as you seem to be doing a pretty good job of catching yourself out. Trust me, the novelty will wear off very quickly.
  11. Morale in the Met

    Now, it's over a decade since I went through training school, but recruits were those undergoing training having been sworn in. Probationers are all those with less than 2 years service. I wouldn't count your chickens yet, there have been people who've had their intake cancelled at very short notice and never even started in the job. Until you swear the oath you're Mr/Mrs/Miss Officer7161 not PC Officer7161/Student PC Officer7161/Recruit Officer7161/Probationer Officer7161
  12. Morale in the Met

    So what's all this 'Student PC' gobbleaduke then? Don't mean to be picky, but until you swear the oath you aren't a Constable of any description.
  13. Morale in the Met

    Is 'student PC' a level below a recruit or probationer?
  14. FAO Firearms officers. Do I smell a rat?

    Ask him where he was based during the 'lympics. Bung his reply on here and I'll tell you if he's fibbing or not.
  15. Border Force adopting MET uniform

    They've just started to be issued in place of the old navy blue working dress shirts.