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  1. Followed by police

    No, unfortunately that's a common misconception. Greenlaning is the responsible driving of unsurfaced legal public rights of way in the countryside: You need current road tax, insurance and MOT as they are public highways. 'Offroad driving' is taking your vehicle to a pay and play site where you can hooley around to your hearts content, for a price. You will probably find that the reason you were of interest is because you were coming off a lane, where you may have been hare-coursing, fly-tipping, or should someone report damage to the lane, they have someone to have a word with - maybe to establish from you the state of the lane when you drove it.
  2. Facebook policing

    You don't need to tell me. It's not my life thankfully but I feel really sorry for these people who are addicted to it. I still prefer the old forums but FB is so convenient for getting pics up; that's where it scores over the forums unfortunately.
  3. Had a weird thing happen last night and wondered if I really caused someone some grief by accident. I saw this cctv screen grab of two felons lifting a bike into a van. One of them looked like a mate of mine but obviously wasn't and I laughed out loud at it. So I tagged him saying I thought he said he was doing such and such. Not one 'comment' or 'like' on it, then suddenly he comes on and says that te police monitor FB and he's been spoken to about it. Is he really winding me up would you think?
  4. Vehicle number plate

    Many 4x4's have their number plate stuck on the bonnet (rightly or wrongly) - it gets quite expensive when they can get broken on a regular basis. I never had a problem with one on the bonnet either legally or for MOT but that was a few years ago. I think I actually asked a question on here a while back as I wanted to mount my plate on the light bar (above the windscreen) to stop breaking it when playing offroad or operating the winch, and was advised not to, so I didn't.
  5. NEWS:Branded 'dangerous'

    Seen footage of people doing it on green lanes and despite the fact that no one is around, it still comes under RTA. Wrong in all cases.
  6. Parking near Clapham North

    No replies, eh? Try'>Parkopedia for a start. If you're in a hotel then there is usually resident parking so maybe bus in?
  7. The last two posts really highlight the issue. There's not enough police on the roads whether in marked or 'Q' cars! I can remember a time back in the late seventies when you couldn't drive along the most eastern stretches of the A12 without seeing a 'red & white' Mk2 Granada every five to ten minutes. Now what happens? They creep out on a Sunday morning to a layby on the Wickham Mkt bypass and point a hairdryer at vehicles on the onlyh bit of dual N of Woodbridge. Now that is a form of enforcement, but it's only catching speeders and in my opinion (unprofessional though it maybe) there are a damn sight more equally bad driving offences than that: Especially the anti-social ones like front and/or rear fogs on all year, mobile use etc, etc. I wish I knew what the answer was but I do know that is seems that the drivers today are a hundred times worse than they used to be.
  8. Security Cameras

    The Chairman of our club has PTZ's around the house all monitored and controlled from his i-Phone, wherever in the world he may be. Now that's just a little bit clever, especially when you look at the quality of the picture!
  9. In Car DVR - Scam Saviour or waste of money?

    Good point, Damsel. More importantly if one is unable to give evidence personally for whatever reason, then my thought is that the camera will tell the truth (or help to establish it), whoever is liable. If I've screwed up, then I should expect to pay the price, that's the breaks! Drivers need to think less about what they can get away with and more about what other road users are doing around them. It's something that all professional drivers are taught and maybe it's about time that everyone took some of the responsibility, rather than those few. A perfect example would probably be the '2 second gap'. That's a fine thing to achieve and maintain, however drivers loves to fill that gap. Especially on faster single tracks. Next thing you know, you are appearing to get further and further back from where (according to your perspective) you were, and then slowly the magic gap starts to disappear as one strives to stop people filling one's braking space.
  10. Oh that's such a heart-warming video. THe plonker should have his licence taken away on the strength of that. However I expect it will turn out to be entrapment with the services of a good solicitor!
  11. It's interesting the defensive driving stance taken here. I don't disagree with it (as an HGV! pilot we were taught offensive driving though :wink:) and there is no doubt that keeping out of the way of these muppets can only help one's state of health, but at some point someone is going to get badly hurt or killed by these clowns who think it's a really good idea to brake in front of people as some sort of retribution. I have personally witnessed several 'revenge manoeuvres' recently, whether due to not letting a person in who has left it rather late filtering for an exit or the usual joining from a slip road. Most people drive to the best of their ability and can get by without these disgusting driving habits while the idiots keep on getting away with it. Good drivers need the support of law enforcement officers on the roads all the time. Now what do we as a nation need to do to get them back out there doing a good job, because that's what it all comes down to, in my opinion. I hope it's clear that my beef is not with the guys on the ground, but this can't carry on, can it?
  12. Response PCSO? PACE Arrests?

    So that would mean that a 'citizen's arrest' would be equally as dodgy? Or is it the fact that the Police have to be 110% sure because of who they are and what they represent, whereas a private individual is just that, an untrained MoP representing only themselves and their conscience and sense of what is right? After all, I've heard of MoP's taking the keys away from drunks who have had a minor RTC or even just unable to get in the vehicle in the first place keeping them in place until Police arrive.
  13. In Car DVR - Scam Saviour or waste of money?

    Interesting opinions, thanks so far. I just found this article from the'>EADT and the interesting line is in the last paragraph: If seems to me that by having a camera in even just one of those vehicles, there wouldn't be the need to ask for witnesses as the manner of driving/speed of vehicles could be judged, even without GPS. After all, even 40mph on a narrow road looks fast to a pedestrian.
  14. In Car DVR - Scam Saviour or waste of money?

    Thanks Simon, that's an insight beyond that which I was considering.
  15. On the back of a recent thread here where the use of an in car camera/recorder was deemed of benefit, as usual there is always the other side where an analyst of such video footage seemed to suggest that they weren't really much good at what they do. So this seems like a good time to discuss the subject. There are many different In Car DVR's available, from just a few pounds to a few hundred pounds. As always you get what you pay for - the cheap ones have cameras that work but low resolution seems to plague most of those and they are thus particularly inferior at night. Then there are the ones with GPS logging and G-Sensor that automatically save three sections of footage around the time when the sensor detects the shock of a possible collision, pinpointing the location for you on a Google Map overlay whilst showing speed and direction of travel. In the 'fight' against 'Crash for Cash' claims and the hideous driving habits of many of today's road users, one would expect that any steps you take to protect your insurance is a good thing. Or are these devices simply yet another over-priced pair of rose-coloured spectacles? Discuss...