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  1. You don't need to tell me. It's not my life thankfully but I feel really sorry for these people who are addicted to it. I still prefer the old forums but FB is so convenient for getting pics up; that's where it scores over the forums unfortunately.
  2. Had a weird thing happen last night and wondered if I really caused someone some grief by accident. I saw this cctv screen grab of two felons lifting a bike into a van. One of them looked like a mate of mine but obviously wasn't and I laughed out loud at it. So I tagged him saying I thought he said he was doing such and such. Not one 'comment' or 'like' on it, then suddenly he comes on and says that te police monitor FB and he's been spoken to about it. Is he really winding me up would you think?
  3. Many 4x4's have their number plate stuck on the bonnet (rightly or wrongly) - it gets quite expensive when they can get broken on a regular basis. I never had a problem with one on the bonnet either legally or for MOT but that was a few years ago. I think I actually asked a question on here a while back as I wanted to mount my plate on the light bar (above the windscreen) to stop breaking it when playing offroad or operating the winch, and was advised not to, so I didn't.
  4. The Chairman of our club has PTZ's around the house all monitored and controlled from his i-Phone, wherever in the world he may be. Now that's just a little bit clever, especially when you look at the quality of the picture!
  5. So that would mean that a 'citizen's arrest' would be equally as dodgy? Or is it the fact that the Police have to be 110% sure because of who they are and what they represent, whereas a private individual is just that, an untrained MoP representing only themselves and their conscience and sense of what is right? After all, I've heard of MoP's taking the keys away from drunks who have had a minor RTC or even just unable to get in the vehicle in the first place keeping them in place until Police arrive.
  6. Ah yeah but you can't have it both ways, Bart. The banner says you have to make a 100 posts a day - you're currently +33, probably mostly from this thread (bizarre, rude and offensive though some may be). :wink: It's one of those annoying ones that will go round and around in my experience, and will probably end up with you locking it anyway! Luck with it.
  7. I suppose what people should do is to rise above it. We are told on our Amateur Radio courses that should idiots start to populate a frequency, no matter how annoying it is, we should just move freq' or switch off for a while. That doesn't seem very fair and goes against most people's mindset, but they are simply trolls, after a reaction.
  8. Even on a 'private' drive? Blimey, you live and learn!
  9. It's worth remembering as well, that you should only be asked to complete a CRB check if you are likely to come in to contact with vulnerable people, such as kids and the elderly. We've had some quite interesting 'discussion' on the subject on the National 4x4 Response forum.
  10. There should be some kind of moderation in place that can also trace back to the poster.
  11. It almost always looks like that due to the compression characteristics. I videoed some green laning and always stick to the maximum 12mph limit as agreed in the GLASS Code of Conduct, but it looked like I was doing around 25! Yeah you could have pulled in after passing the van but then the white car further up in lane 2 was hardly making any progress on the bus in lane 1. So many motorway drivers suck! When I am forced into lane 3 by a middle lane hogger doing 60 - as so many do, I usually go past them and then make a point of indicating left as I pull in (which I don't usually do) carrying on back into lane 1 if there's room. I quite often notice that after a short while, they have moved over to lane 1 as well. I think the worst one I saw was an Asian guy who crept past me in lane 2 of the clockwise M25 from the M4 and I more or less kept with him till he turned off at the M11 and he never used lane 1 once, despite the fact that for most of the journey I was in lane 1 so he had no excuse.
  12. The two systems I am familiar with most through the Land Rover fraternity are Skytag, and Visionaire from Carrotech; one providing 24/7 monitoring (although I think you still need to report it to them so they know to start monitoring), while the other is handled by SMS and email alert to the owner themselves. I guess what I am saying is, if I had one and rang up the police to say my vehicle had been nicked, here's the link to the webpage so you can follow it, would they bother?
  13. Local council might be interested. There's been a sudden revival in the 3 year old headline regarding leaving your vehicle to demist/de-ice for more than a couple of minutes being against the rules and worth 40 quid of your hard earned. I was the same though when I was young (not 41, mind), the Mk1 Cortina used to sit idling for half an hour outside the GF's until one time, one of the neighbours made it perfectly clear he wasn't impressed! I'd never considered it before then, so always turned off when I pulled in after that. That's the trouble between then and now though: Then it was fair do's, my mistake. Now it's: I'm gonna git you sucker! Very sad, no respect for anyone or anything.
  14. Sorry to reactivate an oldie, but I have a connected inquiry. Tracker is the main one but there are a multitude of tracking units out there. Just because the police don't have first hand intel via the boxes fitted to their cars, if the company running that particular system rings up to say one of their covered machines has gone, would the police respond the same? I ask because I was at a show this year and one firm was sayiing that they alert the police to the fact that a vehicle had gone and the police chased out after it. Another option was much cheaper and alerted the owner of the vehicle who then had to get the police looking for it. This is always a bit of a worry around here because knife crime might elicit a response 3 -5 days later if one's lucky and one is prepared to go to the station, but ANPR and speed camera stuff is always on the ball. Not a pop btw, but you can see, how we see the dice tend to be loaded on occasion.