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  1. Hi all, I realise this may be the wrong section so mods please feel free to move. Myself and three of my CNC colleagues are swapping our guns for walking poles and handcuffs for compasses and taking part in a charity event which will see us climbing 10 of the highest peaks in the Lake District covering 45 miles and over 5,600 meters of ascent in twenty four hours. This is in aid of the wake a wish foundation. I have attached a link and please donate if you can. Thanks for reading this. Mdon.
  2. Because the police may waste money on something's but obviously not as much as HATO! Why on earth do you need 2 goretex bomber jackets, 2 summer jackets, 2 fleeces or 3 pairs of waterproof over trousers? You can only wear one at a time.
  3. It's age and gender dependant , if males or females can't pass it then its tough luck I'm afraid. I had to do 9.4 just to join my force (which is in England) so did everyone else be they male, female, young or old, if a 51 year old male can do it I'm sure a young female will be able to get the 7.3 required. All this said My force has now dropped its fitness test to 7.2 for all, there's no adjustment for age so whether your 18 or 59 it's 7.2
  4. I never got a vote or any info on how to vote, I just did the online petition. What a useless excuse anyway, less than the 50% of the whole membership voted so we are dropping it? The fed are weak, the membership have voted and it was 46k to 10k in favour, that's an awful high majority. Goodness knows how the country would run if we adopted this rule, in some parishes only 20% of the voters turn out.
  5. I thought all home office forces trained their regulars in response driving as part of their basic course. My forced trained me in it when I was still a special. There's was about 30 specials response trained when I left.
  6. I've always been apart of a union in all my jobs and I have principals in that if a strike is called and I don't agree with it I'll still strike as its for the greater good. I don't think this will work in the police as most PCs I have spoken to have no principals and wouldn't strike as they say they will be ok or unaffected.
  7. Once you join your new force you can ask for a quote, they'll tell you how many years your 19 civil service will buy you in the plod pension. I went from LGPS (local government pension) to the CNC and I lost only 6 months of my 10 years. Edit, the cnc isn't a police pension though.
  8. I don't know so much, wouldn't you need to be an officer to use your exceptions under s87 RTRA to pursue? Plus what would you do when you caught them? "wait here please till the cops arrive?" with regards to the firearms, you really need to be a firearms officer to do the commentary and I can't see staff doing that. I understand your frustration but as has been said the air observer post could be a staff job perhaps for retired officers or something.
  9. Why should you have works times to reach 5.4? Anybody should be able to reach that. If you had to reach something like 9.4 or 10 then yeah I would say allow an hour per shift to do fitness but this should be your refs! Hopefully this will weed out the lazy unfit officers, I have personally seen an overweight female officer being called a fat pig several times and being told to f&@# off by a drunk who then ran off, she didn't even attempt to run after him. What a brilliant message that sent to the public who were all watching. I've also known officers state they suffer IBS so can't work shifts and can't do foot patrol because of it, I have IBS also and I know that it's a load of bull so if this report makes life harder for these wasters in the job then so be it.
  10. Well they are kind of doing this now, the proposed date for it to commence is 2013 (I think) so its time for these officers who will struggle to start. No doubt they won't though, instead they'll wait until it starts and then they'll claim they need time.
  11. You're obviously getting paid some hefty overtime then! To reach 5.4 on a bleep test there's no need to go to the gym, I never did any fitness or gym other than walking for over ten years and I managed to get 7.8 on the bleep test on my first attempt, i had to do 9.4 just to join the police and I had all of 6 weeks notice of the level and my fitness date, i managed this (barely) and I have since continued to do a 1 hour circuits class per week and now I can get and maintain level 10.
  12. I would be too sure about that! Me and the mrs both got our phones at the same time, I went for the iPhone 4 and she got the galaxy s. guess which phone has been back to the shop 3 times do far for repair and unusable since 10th November! It's an expensive way to run a Skype loan phone! :)
  13. Cumbria have fitted panasonic toughbooks to all their for focus panda cars and transit vans to give full computer access so they don't have to return to the station to do paperwork. goodness knows how much it has cost!
  14. How about instead of getting into a slagging match, we get back on toppic of bad parking as has been suggested.
  15. No, the increments are still there for the time being. It should be a little higher than 1250 too.