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  1. Just to mirror the above, MDP do train their modules to national standard however there's lots that they miss out so I believe only your ARV qualified officers can transfer to HO as a AFO/ARV officer. BTP will accept them but the BTP don't have any ARV standards AFOs, they do the basic like MDP. CNC do the full package for everyone however we don't get much day to day policing so that's why we can't transfer.
  2. Early 2014 Intake

    West is best!
  3. Early 2014 Intake

    Aspatria is nice enough, just avoid Nobel croft and north road.
  4. Early 2014 Intake

    Do cumbria not put you up in 'the green' during training anymore? It is the student officer housing block. I'd ask HR before you go renting houses etc. they are very basic houses but it has everything you need plus it's rent free.
  5. Questions about pay

    The 1% pay rise was last year in September (police service always get their inflation in September instead of April like all the other public sector) hopefully we'll get at least another 1% this September. Even though, it's still less money that the local councils traffic wardens/parking attendants, ours are paid £25k
  6. I don't understand your posts mean machine. One minute your all for the MDP next you're pulling out. If you thought that if you failed the initial firearms course you'd still have a job then you're a little naive. 4 days is plenty of time to pick up a weapon system from scratch. That's the standard is any national firearms course, which weapon system has he failed on?
  7. I believe the firearms course etc is down south for both MDP and CNC.
  8. Notice Period 8 weeks +

    I've known officers do it to join the job. One officer got a cancellation on a course so only gave 1 weeks notice. Obviously it's your choice to make.
  9. MOD Police - accomodation

    After reading your posts on police I am honestly crying with laughter, you take such a demeaning stance on other forces while knowing nothing about them and making things up as you go along, then to make big claims like the above. But I see you're actually ex DPG and haven't made a 'decent' arrest since 2006! Wow! That's awesome, I'm in awe of your policing abilities........... No, wait, I'm not. Instead I realise I have far more and more recent home office experience. Nice try 'buddy' welcome to the CNC/MDP world, you're already well experienced at doing Mickey Mouse policing being from the DPG.
  10. MOD Police - accomodation

    That's the one.
  11. Good on the fed but I don't think it'll work, too many people are blinded by the prospect of becoming a police officer.
  12. MOD Police - accomodation

    Well that's the wrong section of the energy act but good effort.
  13. MOD Police - accomodation

    Ah, the Met, that explains it, enough said.
  14. MOD Police - accomodation

    Obviously you've been told a load of rubbish by someone who doesn't know what they're talking about. CNC hold full powers of constables same as every other police service in the UK. It's true they don't have as many specialist roles as MDP but then they are a lot smaller force, they do have the marine escort though that no other force has. As for jurisdiction not allowing them to help out? S59 of the energy act allows them to act when requested by the home force. They were the main armed response to Derrick bird in cumbria, they helped out during the floods and they responded to roul moat but we're never used. They also supplied officers and dog handlers to the Olympics. Anyhow let's hope you are unsuccessful with the MDP as you sound like you have a lot of learning to do!
  15. MOD Police - accomodation

    That's really quite amusing, you do realise that the MDP and CNC are basically the same job? Just that the CNC has better pay and conditions but unfortunately no where near as many sites.