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  1. Resign/Early Retirement

    You will be 60 years of age before you start getting your pension entltlement. The only way to obtain an immediate pension is with at least 25 years service and be at least 50 years of age, or the lucky few who joined early who can leaver at 48.t years old with full 30 years pension.
  2. A test for the Police Family

  3. Police Under Pressure

    jOannepsi - Give it around five years and you will realise that the DV victim that you placed in a safe house has given the offender the address so that they can rekindle the relationship and that most of the people we deal with on the streets are more interested in their next fix rather than any aspirations to travel to the states. A Sun £9.5 break at a holiday camp is more their style.
  4. Commuting

    When I joined I travelled 50 miles each way which could take around an hour and a half depending on time of day. This was expensive on fuel even back then, would not entertain it today. Current commute is two minutes on foot which is unfortunately going up to 10 miles. The thing to remember is when working full shifts even fifteen or twenty miles after a couple of night shifts is a pain
  5. Police Boots

    I used to wear Dr Martens when I joined the job many moons ago. They were great once they were worn in. For the last 15 years I have been wearing Magnums in different guises. They are ok however I am convinced that the quality has deteriated over the years. I am currently looking to purchase either Lowa or Altberg boots during the next couple of weeks. Although they are clearly more expensive, they should hopefully last longer and look after my feet.
  6. Older Applicants

    I went through the process (17 years ago now) with a guy who was 48 at the time. He was questioned about his age and his reply was that he was committed to being a police officer until retirement, and that some of the younger applicants may well resign after a few years. He got the job. With the retirement age for police now pushed back to sixty, you have twenty years of good service to give so keep on trying.
  7. Transferring existing pension into the PPS 2006

    Yes even a private pension. The force will work out how many years police pension your private pension is worth. The decision of whether or not to transfer the funds is not, however as simple as it used to be. In 2015 those officer on the 2006 scheme will be forced to move onto the 2015 career average scheme, and essentially you will be working until 60 before you get any police pension. It may be worth keeping your private pension private and have it as an extra pension when the time comes. It would also give you some sort of flexibility if at some point you decide that you do not want to be brawling with drunken teenagers when you are nearing sixty. As with all important decisions discuss it with someone who can provide you with more specialist advice.
  8. Volunteer Police Community Support Officers

    I have got a great idea and I think it may just catch on. Volunteer Police and Crime Commissioners. Funny how it's not been introduced yet.
  9. If you are happy with your original posting, stick with it. The force can post you where they want, but it seems that this Chief Super is trying to pull strings outside the recruitment process. You would have thought that he/she could have sorted this out before people being given their postings if they were that keen on retaining the special. You will soon gain the supposed "special knowledge" that this special apparently has.
  10. Footwear

    I have been patrol for 18 years and always wear boots. Although most of the time shoes are probably ok, on the occasion that you have to work in long wet grass or jump over walls, you will be grateful of extra ankle support and dry feet.
  11. Fingerprints in a stolen car.

    Felix The "suspect" would not have to account for his fingerprints being on a bottle, its not an offence. He could have picked it up, considering to purchase and put it back on the shelf. A large majority of suspects either make up a load of rubbish or choose to go no comment. From experience even if he said something of the wall like he was drinking with aliens and they must have taken the bottle and put it into the vehicle, CPS would not authorise a charge. If fingerprints on the bottle are the only evidence, only a full admission would support a charge,
  12. Separated at birth?

    Shame he does not work for Thames Valley as he would also have LEGOLAND on his patch,
  13. Fingerprints in a stolen car.

    I agree with Simon T. Even if he denied ever holding a bottle such as the one that the prints were found on, it would still be NFA as far as CPS is concerned. Most likely he would say, "yeah I drink out of bottles like that, someone must of got it out of the bin". It would be a 30 second interview and nothing to challenge him with,
  14. That one film.

    To kill a mocking bird - excellent
  15. Its a shame that the education requirement has been increased (as with other forces) as this excludes many ex servicemen and women. Good luck though to all people applying.