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  1. COLP Recruitment 2014

    got mine thursday... good luck!!!
  2. COLP Recruitment 2014

    Who else has requested an app?? any ideas on how long till they send them out??
  3. COLP Recruitment

    Hi all, Just thought id check to see who else has requested an App, and any ideas when we would receive them.
  4. Hi, Im currently a special in london and was wondering if anyone from herts would know when they will next be recruiting externally, and what the criteria would be like?? Long shot i know but, you dont ask you dont get Thanks in advance
  5. Special with probs at full time work

    thanks for replies
  6. Hi, just need some advice really, where i work i know that my line manager sells pirated dvds from her brother, i know this as she hands out a list of available titles, what should i do?? is it worth sticking it on to CRIMINT?? or shall i leave it be?? really dont know what to do here... Thanks
  7. RIP, condolences to family, freinds and colleagues
  8. City of London Police

    to be honest, i wouldnt mind taking it, its one foot in the door atleast lol
  9. Commissioner replacement

    i wouldnt mind sir hugh orde, seems to stick up for rank and file but that would possibly change once he becomes top dog
  10. Future recruiment

    hi everyone thanks for the replies :smiley_notworthy: :smiley_notworthy: :smiley_notworthy: i am currently a special and just starting my SOROC so still got a long way to go :sorry: was just hoping that the rumours of loads of officers leaving after olympics would be true and they would get rid of the PLC suppose i can only dream
  11. New recruitment

    Hi, just wondered if there are any city coppers that know if city police will be recruiting within the next century??? cheers
  12. Future recruiment

    Hi everyone, Im a newbie so please bear with me and let me know if this has been raised already. Just like to get everyones view and see what you think will happen. do you think the met will keep this PLC after the olympics or will it go back to the old system?? also i heard there may be a ton of retirements happening after the olympics so is it possible they will do a big recruitment campaign similar to early 90s and just take on loads of officers?? only asking as i was one of the unfortunates that had passed day and 2 and vetting and was waiting a start date when they binned the apps last june, unfortunately i was an external applicant so have had to go through the specials route and so have an even longer wait thanks :lol: :lol: