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  1. New BTP Recruiting Thread

    I have my A/C on friday although I'm struggling with getting time off work as I work in a police control room and supposed to be on a night shift Thursday finishing at 7am Friday morning!! Im most nevous about the first part of the interview and trying to find the corrcet info, and a way to remember it all :-(
  2. Oh, i was called on the 5th july saying i had passed the application form, i submitted it a week before

  3. Right, When i passed the paper sift part I got a phone call saying I would be send an Email a week before my A/C date explaining the next steps, all who attended the 16th july A/C had their email the week before, this making it fair for all.

    The day is about 5 half hours long and mine was based in london, not far from kings cross station

  4. Hi, My A/C was 16th july but could not make it. awaiting new dates, I called them today they said they have not finalized any dates as yet


    Hello Im a newbie on here, I got a letter from BTP a couple of days ago saying I was through to the assessment centre, has anyone else got these? No date yet or details of when or where, but just the week starting 12th September. Does anyone have any tips on preperation? Thanks