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  1. s165a power to seize vehicle question

    Read S165A of the RTA 1988 it refers to the seizing of vehicles that are driven without insurance. It states that the officer must have reasonable cause to suspect that the vehicle is or was being driven contrary to S143 RTA. Then read S143 RTA which details the offence of driving without insurance where it clearly states a person must not drive a vehicle on a road or other public place without third party insurance. Therefore if an officer has seen a person driving a vehicle on a road or other public place and they have reasonable cause to suspect it is being driven without insurance then the may seize it either from the street or any premises with the exception of a private dwelling. It's really simple just read the legislation.
  2. The occupational health dr should sign all your forms during your medical unless some issue has been raised during the medical and the for requires your history from your GP. If your talking about the medical form for the D1 entitlement on your licence, Occupational health will complete the medical and sign that off after you have joined the force, you just make an appointment when your in.
  3. Concealed carry and firearms in the UK

    Was it moxnil again?
  4. Sigh, no RBM I'm referring to S18 of the firearms act (that's the legislation we've been discussing btw) it would appear that you haven't even read this legislation never mind understand it. So I will leave you to debate with others that have the strength to carry on, in the words of Duncan Bannatyne "I'm out"
  5. The position is that if the police receive a complaint that gives them reasonable suspicion to believe that a person is carrying a firearm with crimal intent having either commited or about to commit an offence then whether a public place or NOT they have the power to detain that person for the purpose of a search and request that they hand over their firearms and ammunition for inspection. I think I have made the police powers in regards to this legislation quite clear and will not be getting into a hypothetical "what if" debate with you.
  6. RBM, section 18 is not limited to a public place so you need to get the idea of this legislation only being applicable in a public place out your head. One of the schedule 2 offences covered by S.18 is Assault, the complaint made against the OP was that he threatened to use guns and dogs against children. This could certainly be considered an assault on the children if they believed the threats to be true. So if the incident was reported immediately and police attended they could enter the OP's home and request he hand over his firearms and ammunition as well as conduct a search of his person. They could not search his premises without a warrant though.
  7. Also just to play devils advocate, as the legislation states commiting or about to commit an offence relevant to that section. I would suggest the complaint the police received would have had to have been made as either the incident just having happened or ongoing at that time. I don't believe they could use this particular section of legislation if the complaint was say a day or 2 old.
  8. RBM, the legislation isnt just stop and search in a public place it allows a constable to require any person whom he has reasonable cause to suspect of having a firearm in a public place OR to be committing or about to commit, ELSEWHERE than in a public place an offence relevant to that section to hand over the firearm and any ammunition for examination as well as search the person and detain them for that purpose. The offences that are relevant to the section a S.18 which covers schedule 2 offences and S.20
  9. Fair point wakey although the shuttle run fitness test for a 59yr old man trying to join the police in Scotland is higher than what is expected of an 18 yr old trying to join in England, so on the same point a criminal isn't going to run slower from the police in England than they are in Scotland.
  10. I don't think there's any need for the petted lip responses you've just given to answers you didn't like Toby. When you post on a forum such as this and ask questions with vague details of the circumstances all you will ever get is the other users opinions whether you agree with them or not, you will not get facts for your individual circumstances. The main points Znra made were perfectly reasonable and valid:- 1. Talk to the officer in charge of the case 2. Attend you local office and ask advice 3. That asking on a UK wide forum could give you incorrect advice due to local procedure ( heck nevermind the difference between Scotland and England, individual force areas themselves could have different procedures for return of property. I would suggest that should you have a query of this nature in the future that it is better directed to your local office in the first instance where your better guaranteed to get a more accurate answer.
  11. NEWS:Police fitness test 'unfair to women'

    In Scotland the national fitness requirement for men is 9.2 and for women is 7.3 on the bleep. For officers that make it into the force the failure rate during the probation period is relatively low. The op stats only show that there are far too many men and woman that apply to the police without properly preparing themselves physically for the role. Personally I think the 9.2 and 7.3 rate only shows you have basic fitness. If your unable to reach it then your not fit enough for the job. I certainly wouldn't want to wait for some unfit colleague to be unable to run and help me if I'm chasing a suspect or getting a kicking.
  12. Reflex have you applied for BTP while your going through CNC recruitment? If so you could have seriously damaged you chances. Although both are not home office forces they both explicitly state that you can only apply for 1 force at a time and If it is established that you have made applications to more than one police force, it will be deemed to be an integrity issue and may lead to withdrawal of your application.

    Not really a big deal, if the offence bothers you so much and the offender refuses to pick up the litter or dog mess just report the person under the environmental protection act and the dog fouling (Scotland) act.

    They're pretty much exactly the same except the old force branding has been changed for police scotland and there are some very minor layout changes

    Haha dizzy typical polis lol, our Sgt's were given explicit orders not to issue the new tickets prior to today.