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  1. 12hrs time, ill be on train to hq.... Then college next Monday guys... Let you know how first day goes, I honestly hate this shaving malarkey!!! Lol
  2. I think always motivated with other people there.... Basically first 5 levels u have 7 seconds to get across then 6 seconds for other 3 and you've passed..,,,, honestly, will be fine..
  3. Rox, ill keep u right... Lauren smashed it, and it was all down to pace..... If we meet up first few days ill go through it with you...
  4. yep, i can arrange the bleep for wednesday during the day... :) can do it at the pitches of stevenson college.... i'll get speakers for my ipod and download the bleep test, measure out the 15 metre.... :) CS
  5. Yes, I would be up for it......:) if I find out how to private mail, I will do my number....... I will be in west edinburgh gym Wednesday during day.....
  6. You can call me chris....:) Definitely we can arrange something. I'm heading ocean terminal in 15, going to grab a coffee then a good workout at pure gym..:) I'm sure your grandad will be fine, probably just shaken up a lot... Always awkward times eh??
  7. Lauren I'm being serious, I'm from Loanhead but stay down Easter road..... I can set up the bleep test in leith links park and can practice it..... If your havin lunch I recommend you go on the below link for amazing deals..
  8. Perfect since finished work on Friday.... Pulled groin in footie match today so taking it easy.......:) don't know what to do on week off.... Like a kid leading up to Christmas.. Lol
  9. If any of you are in edinburgh why don't we do bleep test together for practice??
  10. getting sooo close now... I finish up work friday at 5pm, so have sneaky wee weeks holiday before I head to HQ and then tulliallan for 25th... it would actually be funny if we have been sending these messages of support to one another and never actually well we'll have 10 or so weeks... lol
  11. i have oly done light cardio for past month due to a football injury, but dont worry everything will be fine on the day. look, if you passed it first time round, every chance you are still fit enough and plus the adrenaline as mentioned before will soldier you on!!! :)
  12. so what is the fitness test initially??? is it the bleep test or 1.5 mile run??
  13. Laurenleo - HQ for me is in glasgow, office next to Glasgow caledonian uni.Ye not been good for me past couple of days, some officers at work have been discussing me leaving next week and I now have prisoners looking at me in a different light... lol they have all stated, they used to think i was a good guy.... I agree with shoes, Dr Maartens would be best for parade, but i would recommend magnums for operational purposes i.e on the beat. this is just my experience from wings at prison. CS
  14. I'm not sure of logistics at moment.... But I believe, similar to the one force you could be told, today your going to work in Inverness at event etc... I honestly cant wait taken me 4 attempts, total of 2 panel reviews..... It's going to be epic
  15. I'm lucky that they are posting me at edinburgh Waverley for firt 2 years which is x5 min walk from flat.... I do 1 week at hq, 10 weeks tulliallan and then 2 weeks London As am a Great Britain force, so should be fun... Inch up in prison next Friday, so have a sneaky week off before starting....:)