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  1. Police Scotland September intake

    yes, they are changing it to just 12 weeks straight to the exam from january... tbh, im benefiting from doing work on streets before exam... my personal thoughts were you were filled with lots of legislation at tully and not enough street craft, which you can only get back at force.. so i feel the new system will disadvantage people..
  2. Police Scotland September intake

    Jus to let you know, i finished out of Tully 6 weeks ago and actually go back August 18th for 3 weeks for my final exam, o will be there for 1 week when new recruits come through. When i was there we had 10 from BTP, 60 from Strathclyde, 10 from northern, 28 from l&b, so they try to keep it around 100 mark for recruits over Scotland. You will spend a few days at area HQ preparing you for tully and then you head up there for a 10 weeks... :) Just a tip, after week one, i went up on Monday mornings as staying over the sunday made the week really long and your usually away by 2 on the friday.. :) Fitness = will have 1 bleep test in week two, then 1.5 mile few days later, you will then have about 2 PE sessions the whole time there and will have final 1.5mile run in week 9. alot is put on you doing own fitness in the evening. I hope this helps, if have any questions about my experience up there just ask.. :)
  3. Police Scotland July intake

    Hey guys, I just had my last day up in tulliallan today... There is definitely a July intake as training inspector was talking about it in our leaving discussion today...:)
  4. I am training with btp at moment in Scotland. Honestly if successfull best decision you guys could make. Good luck to you all
  5. Uniform fitting

    Just really remember its a bubble, When they say jump your only question should be how high, but it is generally relaxing.. My main tip would be in week 7 you do a 'definitions' test, just learn them as you do each topic through the week as its better. Also go in with a clear mind and u will be fine, my lecturer said there is only 16 peep starting next week on your course, when I have 108...:)
  6. Uniform fitting

    Hey guys, I'm at tulliallan at the moment... I am loving it, you don't get alot of fitness, only a session every 2 weeks.. There expectation is for u to do fitness in own time.. You will do bleep test week 2, then. 1.5 mile week 3, which also includes sit ups and press ups.. My only thing I would recommend doing I'd bulling your boots to a decent standard.... I am also from Edinburgh, so was at ocean t pure gym, but don't have time and just use gym on campus.. I only have 4 weeks to go..:) If you have any questions, just ask????
  7. Tulliallan 25th February

    12hrs time, ill be on train to hq.... Then college next Monday guys... Let you know how first day goes, I honestly hate this shaving malarkey!!! Lol
  8. Tulliallan 25th February

    I think always motivated with other people there.... Basically first 5 levels u have 7 seconds to get across then 6 seconds for other 3 and you've passed..,,,, honestly, will be fine..
  9. Tulliallan 25th February

    Rox, ill keep u right... Lauren smashed it, and it was all down to pace..... If we meet up first few days ill go through it with you...
  10. Tulliallan 25th February

    yep, i can arrange the bleep for wednesday during the day... :) can do it at the pitches of stevenson college.... i'll get speakers for my ipod and download the bleep test, measure out the 15 metre.... :) CS
  11. Tulliallan 25th February

    Yes, I would be up for it......:) if I find out how to private mail, I will do my number....... I will be in west edinburgh gym Wednesday during day.....
  12. Tulliallan 25th February

    You can call me chris....:) Definitely we can arrange something. I'm heading ocean terminal in 15, going to grab a coffee then a good workout at pure gym..:) I'm sure your grandad will be fine, probably just shaken up a lot... Always awkward times eh??
  13. Tulliallan 25th February

    Lauren I'm being serious, I'm from Loanhead but stay down Easter road..... I can set up the bleep test in leith links park and can practice it..... If your havin lunch I recommend you go on the below link for amazing deals..
  14. Tulliallan 25th February

    Perfect since finished work on Friday.... Pulled groin in footie match today so taking it easy.......:) don't know what to do on week off.... Like a kid leading up to Christmas.. Lol
  15. Tulliallan 25th February

    If any of you are in edinburgh why don't we do bleep test together for practice??