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  1. medical - glasses wearer

    If you are just needing to wear glasses now and you can get away without then some of the time then I wouldnt be concerned. My eyesight is awfull, not joke, I cant see jack without my contacts or specs and I passed the medical fine. As long as you can see and with you lenses or specs you vision is good then you'll be fine. It is just the snellen scale chart and a colour check they do.
  2. Strathclyde Police chat thread

    Where are you based?
  3. Division/Sub Division Allocation

    Yeah you'll find out your division right at the start as you will have your shoulder number. I got L div and didnt find out my station untill week 12. A long wait. Some guys found out their groups and stations by week 5/6. Seems to depend on each division and how organised they decide to be.
  4. Earpiece for Airwave

    Nah, checked that, partolstore, niton999. All just the same. None that fit over the actual headphone on the one that was issued. Got a spare left ear one of ma mate is using his in his right ear. Cheers anywho.
  5. Earpiece for Airwave

    Checked poundland, amazon google shopping. Cant find any earbud covers apart form the wee foam ones. The rest are all for the headphones with the small conector. Hmmmmm.
  6. Earpiece for Airwave

    Yeah only issued 1 left n 1 right. Was plannin to request a new set from stores but you know that that can take ages to go through......
  7. Earpiece for Airwave

    Has anyone seen anywhere you can buy the silicon covers issued with the event earpiece? Lost mine last week and cant find one anywhere that fits over a normall style headphone, just the ones with the small adapter.
  8. start dates in 2013

    They have set dates for the fitness as groups of people do this together. If you have an interveiw a couple of days before the next fitness date then the time between will be short but your interveiw maye be a fortnight before the next fitness so...............
  9. January the 9th intake

    Pretty sure when I did mine I got out about 14:00 ish. That was from a 09:00 start. Faire bit paperwork to go through also however that was in Jan. Depends if they are doing the paper work on this day.
  10. APPLICATION september

    So far it lookinging like each of the current forces will become regions however D&G will be sucked into Strathclyde loosing Dumfries at somepoint. And possible sheding argyl to northen command. Snippets of info passed so far. As said before, we'll see it when it happens.
  11. SPC - Tips & Things

    Sheets are provided, bring your own towels and the phone signal sucks. You can get a signal if you walk about outside. Phone signal outside the pub is alright.
  12. Probationer/Station Visit

    Dont undereastimate the research before the interview. Its as much as about how much effort you have put in as it is what you have learned. First ime I applied the reason I was given for not being succesfull was that "I did not come in with my game face on" due to lack of prior research. Even my successfull attemt when I was asked to explain the research I had carried out had me worried as my list wasnt that long. There was a silence as the sgt looked up at me as if to say; is that it?
  13. Probationer/Station Visit

    Yeah like Gjabaggio said,just turn up at the front bar and explain what your looking for. Early/late change over sun to thurs come in about 14:00hrs. For late/night change over sun to thur 22:00hrs for fri & sat your talking 16:00hrs and 21:00hrs but shift may be a bit busier and may not have time to chat. Jeans and t-shirt are fine, no recruitment staff kicking about in the office. Cops will be happy to chat to you and answer what they can. Had a hopefull in a few weeks ago, and to be hones he knew more than me on some things..........
  14. Question about wages

    Srathclyde pays on the 28th of the month. Or before if it is a weekend or bank holiday.
  15. Boots

    You will need to bull them yes. Not an issue if they are not as good as your parade shoes, as long as you show you have made an effort on them.