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  1. Police Scotland Recruitment 2013

    Not too sure if feedback from sift is available tinamc8. Beepbeep1, I was informed approx 9 weeks after submitting app.
  2. Police Scotland Recruitment 2013

    No specific reason given - just a standard letter by the looks of it. Can only guess that I didn't score well in the CBQ's. Best of luck to those still in the game.
  3. Police Scotland Recruitment 2013

    For those who are still waiting on result of sift. I applied beginning of Sep ( west command) and have been informed that my app has been unsuccessful.. Boo hoo! Sit tight - I'm sure that you will hear soon.
  4. Police Scotland Recruitment 2013

    From what I've read on here, recruitment progress over the past year has been very slow. In fact one individual posted that it took over 3 months to hear back from paper sift. As there is no info to suggest things are speeding up, then I think that its going to be a long wait.
  5. Contacting Recruitment

    Velvit - is the 'generic' email address the one you received with your application acknowledgement receipt? If so, then I'm pretty sure that would be the one you would use. But bear in mind that the application acknowledgement email does state very clearly that you should allow at least 2 months before making any follow up enquiries. Of course I'm not sure how pertinent the dob mistakes are to your application, however I guess that it's probably a very busy time for the Recruitment dept. VP.
  6. shift pattern/rest days

    I was looking for this info recently too as there was a table with the VSA shift pattern on the old Strathclyde site. Anyway I found this old post: I copied it out on a table to make it easier to read and hopefully its accurate. Cheers, VP.
  7. Going to be applying towards the end of summer!

    It might be worthwhile for you to buy the SET practice papers. These explain, particularly for the math questions, where the most marks are achieved and it breaks down the type of questions that the paper is made up of. This could help you focus your studying on the area(s) you want to improve on. Worked for me!!
  8. Recruitment 2013

    Just thought that I'd add to this thread for those of us that are waiting on recruitment to reopen. It seems from the latest update that this has been put back to 'later in the year'. If anyone hears anything further then please share it with us.
  9. Recruitment reopening?

    Thanks mcs. I know that the last recruitment drive was open for quite a while, therefore there must have been a high number of candidates. I've had to be patient this past year, so another wee while won't hurt! Cheers. VP.
  10. Recruitment reopening?

    Hi, Has anyone heard anything regarding recruitment reopening? I applied last year and failed at initial and am now almost eligible to apply again and would like to have another go at it. Clearly there is much change ahead in the next few months and I was just wondering if there was any speculation about recruitment just now. In particular how likely or unlikely it is to reopen before the 1st April. Thanks.
  11. Set's And Fitness 15Th December

    Yeah, I'm hoping that it will be sooner rather than later. However, I don't mind waiting, as I'm Just gratful that I'll get another crack at it. You'll have plenty to think about over the holiday period with your initial coming up! Very best of luck for it and merry christmas.
  12. Set's And Fitness 15Th December

    That's graet news - well done! I failed SETs by one mark!! And the paper that I thought was the easiest too. Never really thought that I would have any problems with the written stuff. A wee bit dissapointed, but hey - ho, I'm still in the game. They don't have any dates for re-sits as yet, so will have to just wait and see.
  13. Set's And Fitness 15Th December

    The waiting and not knowing is the hard part of all this. From what I've read on here; it seems that some people get a call the same day of fitness/sets to arrange initial interview and others by post. So guessing either way is useless.
  14. Set's And Fitness 15Th December

    How did everyone get on? I passed fitness, waiting on SET results.
  15. Set's And Fitness 15Th December

    I'm only around 25 mins away. I'm sure that I read somewhere that they can offer accommodation, but don't know much more detail I'm afraid.