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  1. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    Just over a week and you will find out!
  2. Police Scotland, First Intake?

    Police scotland twitter feed states the 1st of April for application acceptance.
  3. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Thanks, Good luck on your assessment day! When I did my SETs with a different force it was mentioned that they are constantly assessing us - so you're right to suit it up for the day.
  4. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Did anyone else send off the application typed?
  5. Grampian Police Recruitment

    Alright! New to the grampian area! Currently a special constable! So am I right in saying there's only 2 interviews? One before the assessment centre and one at the assessment centre? Can I definitely send it off in typed form?
  6. November 7th starts

    My see you policing the streets of A div in no time! I'm a special there.
  7. Applied mid sep

    Just a quick one, I advise you don't put your full name as your profile name...
  8. Question about wages

    To which we all asked how many years he was into retirement...
  9. Question about wages

    It depends if it is over a certain level..I think HMRC still class it as taxable income! Criminal after all the years it takes you to save it up. Someone correct me if i'm wrong.. I don't want to sound overly dreary, but according to some of the staff at training, the average life expectancy for a retired officers is only 8-10 years!
  10. BTP Recruiting PCs for 2013 intakes.

    Anyone applying for Scotland? Edinburgh and Glasgow would be good, but anywhere above that....
  11. Question about wages

  12. fitness

    Vetting is a weird one. For the specials, mine took 3 days!
  13. fitness

    That's true. But if you're attested before the 1st of April you stay within the strathclyde boundary. So on the 31st March they could attest people!
  14. fitness

    To be honest, like other forces (Tayside) they could be looking to fill up spaces for the PSoS, which is only April.
  15. fitness

    they'll tell you at your interview